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This Simple Software Package For The Affiliate Marketer Unlocks The Door To Greater Profits

... and YES, it covers all the bases. It's a complete system that makes it easier to keep up with all your affiliate information, helps you find products and services to promote, and sharpens your skills as an affiliate marketer.

  • This software package will take you were you want to go as an affiliate marketer - whether you are new to the industry or a veteran of many years.

  • It answers the following questions as it solves your problems:
    • How can I best store all the information I need to keep up with?
    • What are the best techniques to grow my business?
    • Where do I look for the best products to promote?
    • And what are some tools and resources that will help me grow my business?

From: Ed Kalski
Subject: This simple tool (actually it's a complete package of tools) will make reaching your financial dreams far easier.

Dear Friend,

Affiliate Marketing is a wonderful industry, but it has three major problems you have to deal with. First, it is constantly changing. Companies start new affiliate programs, new products are created, and companies that had an affiliate program leave the field. How do you keep up with all the change?

Number two, if it was easy to make money... everyone would be rich. That's not the case. Why? It's because it takes time and effort to succeed, and most people are doing this part time. And there is a learning curve everyone has to overcome.

Finally, how do you keep up with all your information for each product you promote? Not keeping up with essential information will put you premanently behind the eight ball.

Three problems. What's a person to do?

My Affiliate Info... And More is a complete package of software and ebooks that will help you, step by step, overcome all the above obstacles.

What if there was one place you could go to record all your affiliate information when running your business (UserIDs, passwords, important URLs, and so much more), find products to promote (thousands to choose from), get other affiliate marketers to answer your questions or perhaps review your website to help you improve conversion rates? Wouldn't that be a benefit?

Again, this software takes you by the hand and helps you
reach your affiliate marketing dreams.

"I love the new software. Last night I went through and got all of my affiliate information entered. Another thing I did, I entered information on affiliates I plan to sign up with.

I think you have a real winner here!"

Anni Gobels

"Filling out the fields on your software opened my eyes to what is profitable, and what is junk. I just wish I had this software from the beginning of site building. It would have made my sites more profitable at an earlier stage.

I feel I have a better handle of where I am in the affiliate market world and where I want to go and how I should go about it now.

Thank you."

Betty Ziegler

If you respond right away, you will get all of the above, two of Ken Evoy's ebooks and the Affiliate Marketing Software, for an introductory price of only


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My Affiliate Info... And More.

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There are three primary parts to this package.

Part I - a navigation bar in the software that includes:

Links to affiliate directories so you can find the best products to accomplish your goals. Just a few include:

  • Commission Junction

  • LinkShare

  • Amazon.com

  • ClickBank

  • And more

Links to Affiliate Forums so you can ask others about results they are getting from different products, best ways to promote, or to perhaps have your website reviewed to help you get better conversion rates. Here's the forums you'll have easy links to:

  • AssociatePrograms

  • The Warrior Forum

  • SEO Forum

  • SBI Affiliate Forum

Links to resources to help you grow your business. A few include:

  • SearchIt

  • SEO Tools

  • elance.com

  • iStockPhoto

  • And more

A link to an Affiliate Marketing tutorial at AssociatePrograms.com (which works well in conjunction with the two ebooks you get with this package which we will discuss shortly).

Links to Article Directories to help you get more inbound links to your site which helps with search engine rankings. Writing articles adds to your credibility as an expert in your niche. Six article directories are only a click away within the software. Here's the article directories you'll have easy links to:

  • ezinearticles.com

  • goarticles.com

  • articlecity.com

  • ideamarketers.com

  • articlehub.com

  • reprintarticles.com

And there is more on the navigation bar.

Part II - The database that includes:

This part of the software helps you keep up with the information you need to store. It's so easy to take a casual approach here. But this is a business. Keep up with your affiliate information. It can make a real difference in the amount of profits you earn!

There are three parts to the database - the product page, the URL page, and the payment page.

Highlights of what you will find on the product page.

  • Name of product

  • Description of product

  • Why you chose this product

  • Each Page on your website that has a link to the product

  • A copy of the confirmation email (Usually this email has important information in it).

  • The date you started promoting the product

  • The income you've earned to date on this product (this helps you decide if it's worth you continually to promote the product).

  • Other products you might want to substitute if the product you chose doesn't work out.

Highlights of what you will find on the URL page.

  • The main URL you are given to promote the product

  • The URL of the sales page to which your visitor is directed.

  • The URL where you get banners and ads.

  • The URL of your stats page.

  • Your UserId's and Passwords (If you're not brand new to this industry, you've probably had an occasion when you forgot these important ingredients. It can be so frustrating when that happens).

Highlights of what you will find on the Payment page.

  • The minimum amount that has to be sold for you to receive a check.

  • How long the visitor's cookie is good for.

  • How long is the delay between the purchase and your payment?

  • Payment frequency.

  • Payment method.

  • Total amount earned on this product.

No, you don't have to enter all the above information if you don't want to. Everything but the product name is optional. Enter what you feel is important to you.

Part III - Two ebooks by Ken Evoy:

Ken Evoy is a truly amazing man. He is so multi-talented. Just consider the following:

He was a Canadian doctor who also taught medicine. He and his wife created toys that earn millions in royalties. He created investment software that he sold from the internet. He created SiteBuild It which thousands of people use to create and host their presence on the internet. He has written many wonderful ebooks.

But here's what's most important and a key to his success - his philosophy is to always over-deliver in everything he does. That's why he is so trusted and has thousands of fans.

We have included two of Ken's ebooks that relate to affiliate marketing in this package. One is The Affiliate Masters Course and the other is The Netwriting Masters Course. Let's take a look at what's included:

The 192 page Affiliate Masters Course (highly praised by a lot of top marketing experts) includes:

  • Focusing on Maximizing Profit

  • The #1 Affiliate Reality

  • Understanding The Difference Between Selling and PREselling

  • Brainstorming Your Concept

  • Find Your Passion

  • Develop High-Profitability Topics

  • Plan Your Monetization Models

  • Reducing Risk By Diversifying

  • Your Most Wanted Response

  • Building A Site That Gets The Click!

  • Follow the Winning Formula

  • Building Free Traffic

  • Evaluating The Performance Of Your Pages

  • Improving Your Link Popularity

  • Building Word Of Mouth Buzz

  • Building Paid Traffic

  • Google AdWards Program

  • Submitting to Major Directories

  • Building Traffic Through Relationship-Building

  • Building Relationships With An E-Zine

  • Building Relationships With A Blog

  • Building Relationships With RSS

  • Know Your Visitors

  • Analyzing Your "Big Picture" Traffic Stats

  • And much more!

The 50 page Netwriting Masters Course (The only book that shows you how to both PREsell and sell) includes:

  • The Simple Art of e-Persuasion

  • Join the 2% Who Succeed

  • The 8 steps of building a web site that works

  • The Winning Formula...

  • PREselling... Your #1 Priority

  • Setting Your "Most Wanted Response... Before You Start Selling

  • Writing for Your Ideal Customer

  • The Mindset is Everything

  • Benefits Make The Sale... Not Features!

  • Keep Your Visitor on Your Site!

  • Building Relationships

  • Your Ezine

If you respond right away, you will get all of the above, two of Ken Evoy's ebooks and the Affiliate Marketing Software, for an introductory price of $27.

Think about this -- A lot of people are going to spend more than $27 over the next month on... snacks. Snacks! Instead of improving their future, they are growing their waistline. Don't follow their lead. Get this package, have a better plan, and get better tools to grow your affiliate marketing business.

What do you have to lose? Answer - Nothing. I say nothing because of our money back guarantee.

Our Eight Full Weeks
Money-Back Guarantee

Here's our Guarantee To You:

We are confident that this software and these ebooks will help you grow your business far more than it's nominal cost. Take Eight Full Weeks to use the software and apply Ken Evoy's techniques, then judge for yourself the value of this package for your affiliate marketing business. If dissatisfied in any way, we'll give your money back ... no questions asked!

Note: This software is for Windows users only at present.

You can't lose with our 100%, ironclad,
Eight Full Weeks Money-Back Guarantee

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Once your credit card is approved, you will immediately go to a special download page where you will download "My Affiliate Info... And More" along with Ken Evoy's two ebook courses.

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To your success,

Ed Kalski
Co-founder of Everyday Wisdom, LLC

P.S. There is unlimited opportunity in affiliate marketing today, and My Affiliate Info... And More can help you take advantage of those opportunities. Order your copy today under our full eight-week money-back guarantee. You'll be glad you did.

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