Being in Love

The Healthy Factors Of Being In Love

Studies have shown that being in a healthy relationship can lengthen a life span and lead to fewer health problems. In addition to enjoying a life full of physical health benefits, love and committed relationships can also aid in your mental wellness and promote a positive outlook on life.

Committed Relationships

A committed relationship that leads to marriage holds significant health benefits for couples in love. Whether you’re with a partner and have given your intended a promise ring with marriage in mind, or you’re engaged and ready to journey down the path toward matrimony, the start of any relationship holds a host of possibilities for a future together. This happiness can trickle down and promote many significant health benefits that can include lower cholesterol, stronger immune system, pain relief and reduction in heart ailments. Learning how to be in a healthy relationship can contribute to your health and wellness, and couples who are respectful and caring toward one another have been proven to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Mental Wellness

Single people may think that things are easier without the ups and downs of commitment, but you’ll find that being in a healthy relationship can add many mental health benefits. Having someone to spend your weekends and evenings with can promote a positive outlook on your life. Loneliness and feelings of anxiety can be crippling to those without a partner, and finding that significant other can be beneficial to your mood and how you perceive everyday tasks such as work, children and social activities.

Having a partner to think about during the day and dream about for a future together can provide your body with additional energy and make you more motivated to accomplish tasks that may seem otherwise daunting. Feelings of youth and vitality are also stimulated by being in love, and many find the most simple of activities such as a picnic in the park, a bike ride or seeing a movie together can make them feel alive and vivacious.

Love And Affection

Hugging, kissing and simple acts of touch have enormous benefits on the heart and can impact a person’s blood pressure. Studies compared couples who hugged and snuggled together often and found those who made time for acts of affection had significantly lower cholesterol and blood pressure than those who didn’t. In addition to the number of calories expended when making love, couples who had regular sex at least twice a week were shown to live longer than those who had it monthly or less. No matter what age, regular sexual activity can promote prostate health and increase estrogen levels in women. There are also emotional benefits to sexual intimacy such as stress relief, and emotional connection can stimulate a sense of overall happiness.

There’s no better feeling than being in love, and the benefits of a committed relationship can be far reaching. Thoughts of promise rings, engagements and wedding bells to someone you love and are devoted to can aid in your mental and physical health and promote a lifetime of emotional levity.

Nadine Swayne writes this article to bring to light the health benefits of being in a relationship.


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