Tips for Building Confidence Through Art

Tips for Building Confidence Through Art

There is a common trait that can be found in people who need help building confidence and have a low self-esteem. People who have been surveyed for this condition state that they had a very hard time finding ways to express their true selves. There were many other factors cited as to why they had low self-esteem, all of which varied from person to person. However, lack of self-expression was a common trait.

Combating this problem could help those with low self-esteem quickly overcome the rest of the issues they feel are holding them back.

Self-Expression Through Artwork

One of the easiest ways that you can begin to work on building confidence and deal with self-esteem issues is through artwork. You do not even have to be an artist; you just simply need to know what you like. There is contemporary art for sale that can provide both deep personal meaning and many wonderful self-esteem boosting benefits.

Makes You Happy

When you admire a fine aesthetic piece that you have purchased, it will give you a sense of happiness, and that, in turn, will boost your self-esteem. When you feel happy about something that you did, such as buying artwork that you like, it is easier to feel happy about yourself.

Many studies have shown that a visual image can help a person engage their right brain to produce a sense of relaxation and calm. Strongly creative thinking patterns in the brain can contribute to emotional stability and mental agility, so viewing works of art can contribute to your overall sense of well being and tranquility.

Conversation Starter

One problem with low self-esteem is the way you feel about communicating with others. Many people in this state-of-mind feel they do not have a lot to offer in a conversation. Art can be the icebreaker. If you really love a piece, your enthusiasm will show and it will make you feel confident about other areas of conversation.

When you purchase an abstract or realistic work, be sure to thoroughly research its history, who created it, what it represents, and when it was created. The knowledge that you have about the piece you purchased will make for an interesting conversation. Participating in art meetups or volunteering in a local museum will give you the opportunity to participate in discussions and help you make more informed decisions when making an art purchase, and will contribute to building confidence.

Sense Of Worth

When you purchase something that makes you feel happy, it also tells your inner-self that you can make good decisions. A large part of any self-esteem issue is the feeling that the decisions you make are not good. One good decision will be followed by many more good decisions. People with low self esteem tend to make bad decisions that negatively impact their lives. Keeping a positive state of mind, with the help of your purchased artwork, will enable you to boost and improve your self-esteem and help with building confidence in other aspects of your life. 

Overall Health & Well-Being

Images have a way to help a person relax. They provide a way to daydream and to think clearly. Evaluating a beautiful print gives one a sense of fulfillment, even if it is just sitting and staring at it on your wall. The happiness you feel, the sense of contentment, even the sense of pride are very good for your health.

Going to events to view creations made by local and regional artists can help expose a person to new ways of expression and give a person an idea of the type of art they want to purchase for their home. Taking the time to attend a museum, or experiencing different types of artistic expression such as listening to music, or attending the local ballet to appreciate the training and technical skill of dancers can help a person become more relaxed. 

The endorphins released into your body will make you feel better. The relaxation will lower blood pressure. The happiness will have an overall good affect on your health. And when you physically feel better, your self-esteem is much better.

In the end, art provides much to those who are suffering with low self-esteem and helps them with building confidence. It is more than a way to decorate your home or office; it is a way to show your true self. Those who have suffered with this problem find that expressing themselves in the artwork they choose helps to overcome the other issues that are holding them back from happiness.

As an avid fan of fine art, LaGeris Underwood Bell is often inspired by the beauty and good feeling she gets when viewing the contemporary artworks within her home. She's always on the lookout for new pieces which "speak to her".

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