Keep Your Car Running

Here are some tips to keep your car running.

Irv Gordon has covered three million miles in his Volvo. To put it in perspective, that's about six trips to the moon and back. And you thought your car had a lot of miles on it?

People shopping for used cars often worry about mileage, perhaps so much that they miss out on a great deal. Gordon is an exception – as the folks at Volvo cars noted, he has, “a fanatical dedication to vehicle maintenance." With the right care and attention, any car can get to 200,000 miles. So whether you're lookingfor used cars in Pensacola or Portland high mileage needn't be a worry.

Two things kill an automobile, corrosion and major mechanical failure. The secret to a long-lasting, high mileage vehicle is to prevent those from happening.

Resist rust at all costs

Snowbelt cars are at greatest risk of being eaten away by the brown menace. Road salt lodges in all the nooks and crannies on a car's underside, gradually eating it away. Yes modern car bodies are well treated before painting, but that sodium chloride is corrosive stuff. Once it gains a toehold, there's no stopping it.

Don't go thinking that because you live in Pensacola you've nothing to worry about. Quite the opposite, in fact. First off, that sea air carries salt with it, and second, ultra-violet light from the sun attacks paint, fading and cracking it and slowly eating it away.

So here's what you do: drive through a car wash once a week, and pay for the underbody rinse that gets the salt off. Try to park in the shade whenever you can, and give your ride a coat of wax every three months or so. (Tip: modern sprays have made this much easier than when your Dad spent all Saturday on it.)

Mind the mechanicals

You know you should follow the manufacturer's service recommendations, but not everyone wants to pay for a mechanic. Here are the things you really need to take care of, even when money is tight.

  • Change the oil: As the experts at auto website have noted, the 3,000 mile rule is obsolete, but you should change your oil at the recommended intervals. Many cars have oil condition monitors which will let you know when a change is needed, so follow this if fitted.

  • Change the timing belt: Usually this is at 90,000 miles, but cars vary. It is expensive but don't put it off as a broken belt often means a new engine.

  • Change the brake fluid: Many brake fluids absorb water, which leads to rust and eventually, brake failure. Again, check what the manufacturer suggests.

  • Flush the cooling system: Get the cooling system flushed every three or four years to keep it working at peak efficiency, and replace the hoses every seven years or so. Rubber goes brittle and cracks, which could lead to an expensive breakdown.

If you want your car running to reach 200,000 miles, those four points are essential, but there's one more thing you can do. Mechanical parts wear most when the oil is cold, so avoiding short trips ensures everything is well-lubricated. A high mileage car needn't be anything to fear.

Our Guest Author is Charlie Baker Charlie’s been in love with cars since he was 7 years old, when he watched his dad restore a 1970 Buick GSX. He writes about the auto industry for a variety of blogs. We want thank Charlie for sharing this great information on how to keep your car running for many hundred thousands of miles


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