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According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, approximately 870 million people worldwide suffer from chronic undernourishment, and children are especially vulnerable to this issue. Tragically, an estimated 5 million children die due to poor nutrition each year, and this is something that impacts every area of the world. For example, Feeding America has indicated that almost 17 percent of all U.S. residents have a difficult time getting enough food on a daily basis to meet their basic needs.

How Can I Help Combat Hunger?

There are a wide variety of different volunteer opportunities that you can sign up for to help hungry children get the food that they so desperately need. A group calling themselves 2 Million Meals based out of the Detroit area recently gathered thousands of volunteers for three days to pack up 2.02 million nutritional meals for hungry children in Haiti, the Philippines and El Salvador. Their efforts will ensure that more than 5,500 children have at least one solid meal per day for an entire year. Similar opportunities to assist people in need can easily be found throughout the country, and you can choose organizations that need volunteers for programs that are aimed at the local area, nationwide or abroad.

Finding Local Opportunities

A quick Internet search will provide you with a long list of at risk Children volunteer opportunities, and you can also go directly to a website that enables organizations to list their volunteer needs. Additionally, many churches host food pantries, and they typically need volunteers to keep everything running smoothly. Major groups such as Feeding America provide the option to make cash donations or search through a nationwide network of food banks to help you get started. Another way to make a difference is by downloading the Charity Miles app and selecting an organization that works to end hunger as the recipient of the donation money that you accrue by walking, running or bike riding.

Benefits of Volunteering

Although there are many ways to contribute to children in need, psychologists have indicated that getting personally involved through volunteering and other similar efforts will provide you with several emotional benefits. After all, it feels good to take action to help others, and it can also be a great team building exercise for companies of all sizes. Therefore, making the decision to donate at least a couple of hours of your time every month can have a bigger impact on your life than simply writing a check. In some instances, you will also be given the opportunity to see firsthand how your volunteer efforts assist hungry children, and this is a very rewarding experience.

When you consider how many children and other individuals around the globe go to bed hungry each night, it simply makes sense to take steps to alleviate this problem. Although none of us can stop this crisis alone, we can all have a positive impact on the lives of others by merely giving a little bit of our time to a worthy cause.

Teresa Stewart is a blogger and frequent community volunteer. While researching social issues, she has found that All for Good is a hub where you can find local volunteer programs like at risk Children volunteer opportunities as well as helping to feed the hungry.

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