Grandparents Lessons They Can Share With Their Grandchildren

Grandparents Day is slated for the first Sunday after Labor Day; It’s appropriate that a day of recognition should be set aside for those stalwart elders who worked so hard and sacrificed so much for their children’s children to do well.

The benefits of your children having a lively and engaging relationship with your parents are innumerable and immeasurable. They can learn to view the world from a completely different perspective, and they will almost certainly bask in the radiant glory that only a doting Grandfather or Grandmother can bestow.

Most grandparents love spending time with their grandchildren because they can spoil, pamper and lavish upon them praise and gifts without undertaking the responsibility of their daily care.Apart from these perks, there are many life lessons that they can impart to their beloved grandchildren which will bless them throughout their lives. Here are a few:

1. How the Past Impacts the Future

For many children, history is a dead topic about dead people. They can’t always see what someone elses yesterday has to do with their lives today. Grandparents can be a living link to the past. They can bring mundane and major historical events to life by recounting their own experiences, trials, hardships, and triumphs. A sturdy bridge between the dim past and the bright future can be built during a cozy chat with grandfather at the kitchen table. Colorful, heartwarming family stories at home about the war or other important milestones can bring history to life for the grandchildren when they return to the classroom.

2. The Importance Of Relationships

With the rate of divorce in America at an all-time high, there may be perhaps no nobler badge of honor than a long, successful marriage. For whose marriage has withstood the test of time, their own relationship may help a granddaughter begin to understand the importance of relationships, the work involved in sustaining them, and the rich rewards to be reaped by such perseverance. Their life’s journey will serve as a testimony to the endurance of love and the practicality of compromise—lessons we all need to learn.

3. Focus on Retirement Planning

Although your children might not fully understand the concept, the seniors can help them learn about the importance of planning for their eventual retirement. For example, if your parents are thriving in a community designed for assisted living in Birmingham AL or another community, they can use this experience to open the dialogue with the grandchildren about the natural course of aging. They can learn the importance of taking care of their health through good nutrition and exercise, sound financial investments, and planning ahead so that their latter years can be as active and fulfilling as their early years. Their grandparents can serve as a window to the future, revealing what their lives may be like when they’re older.

4. The Importance of Time Management

Recent reports have revealed that American employees work more each week than those in any other industrialized country. Most parents are consumed with work and the minutia of daily household chores and other duties. Even well-intended efforts at better time management often get swallowed by the demands of the work-a-day world.

The luxury of taking time to simply enjoy themselves is one in which they can rarely indulge. Gramdma And Grandpa the other hand, having successfully run and won the rat race, are free to enjoy life; and are usually wise enough to understand the importance of doing just that. What a treasure for an impressionable grandson to witness his grandparents not only stopping to smell the roses, but having the time to cultivate, and share them as well. Grandparents can help, perhaps subliminally, to impress upon their young charges the importance of keeping self-care and family time top priorities in their busy lives.

5. The Importance of Listening

Grandparents have time to talk and they also have time to listen. Many have learned the fine art of listening, will learn more about their grandchildren during one conversation than their parents may during the entire course of a school year. There’s great wisdom to be gleaned in silent, patient listening. Their grandchildren will grow to understand this, and value the importance of listening intently and politely when other people are speaking. Even though your children will probably not realize that they are being taught important life lessons, this is exactly what will happen when they spend a lot of quality time with their grandparents. Be grateful for the time your children share with your parents and for the lessons you too may learn as these two, completely different, generations get to know each other.

Grandmother and writer LaGeris Underwood Bell celebrates the wisdom of the ages to be shared by grandparents with their grandchildren. The Chateau Vestavia community provides the luxury of assisted living in Birmingham AL in a marvelous community where hundreds of grandmothers and grandfathers thrive and share their active lives with their young loved ones.


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