Injured On The Job And Your Benefits Have Run Out

Injured on the Job and No More Sick Pay? What to Do Next

When you are injured at work, it is safe to assume that you will be covered by the workers compensation policy that your company has on their employees. Workers compensation will pay for your medical expenses, replace a portion of your missed pay, and pay you compensation for any lasting disabilities.

However, in most cases, workers compensation does not pay for lost wages for the first two weeks that you are out of work. The reason that most policies have this time limit in effect is because they feel that any injury that can be recovered from in such a short period is not very serious. They also believe that most people will be less willing to make a claim if they know that they are going to have to live without a paycheck.

So what does this mean to someone who has been injured on the job and needs to stay home to recover?

First, if you have any available sick time or vacation time, you should use this to cover your expenses until the workers compensation kicks in. The second thing that you should do is contact a personal injury attorney who is not only familiar with the typical workers compensation suits but bad faith law suits also.

Why You Need To Contact A Workers Compensation Attorney

Sadly, workers compensation adjusters are not concerned about the health and welfare of the injured employee, regardless of what they may say. Their main concern is getting the injured party back to work, and preferably back to work full time so that they do not have to make any compensation payments.

All-too-often this causes an injured person to return to work too soon, complicating their recovery and often inhibiting their recovery. The insurance adjuster will push for fewer and fewer medical treatments and more and more hours back at work. This is their job and they do it well.

A workers compensation attorney will, however, make sure that your recovery is their main priority and not their bottom line. The attorney can force them to comply with medical recommendations and help you get enough recovery time at home to fully heal. They can also make sure that the workers compensation company is also keeping all of their financial obligations to you in order.

What You Must Remember To Do So You Can Make A Workers Compensation Claim

The most important thing for you to remember is that if you have been injured on the job and have a valid workers compensation claim you must have a valid accident report. Anytime that you are injured a work you must immediately report that injury to your supervisor and complete a work related injury report. Your work should immediately file a claim worth their carrier so you can begin to receive medical care. Without this report, you may not have any way to prove your injury was work related and you cannot make a claim.

Once you have filed a report and have begun to get medical care, you should look for a local workers compensation attorney to represent you so that you can make sure that you have a full recovery without having to worry about your finances.

Giovanna O'Neal is a legal researcher that writes articles to increase awareness for communities.


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