On The Job: How To Add Value
To Your Corporate Culture

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"Big business" "Corporate America"--the very words leave a bitter taste in the mouths of millions of people. Many people believe that big corporations are evil entities that use power and greed to crush the masses and fuel ravenous desire for world domination.

No doubt some companies have earned this over-the-top image, but for many businesses this is not true at all. Every day millions of hardworking Americans make their way to work and climb onto their corporate ladder at companies like Kids II Inc, for example, and they do the right thing by their employers, customers, clients, and the public. How about you? What do you bring to the table at your job?

Your employment at a company--big or small--is not just an opportunity to work, it's an opportunity to become one of the company's greatest assets. The ethics and values you bring to your job can improve the corporate culture, productivity,  public image and revenue of the business.


American journalist Hunter Thompson said it first: "Anything worth doing is worth doing right." These are words by which we should all live. If this saying reflects your values and work ethic, then where best to demonstrate it than in the workplace? Be a light among your more shortsighted colleagues.

As they see your integrity, you may inspire them to do their jobs with diligence and integrity. Even a minimal change in their attitudes and performance is still a change for the better. Your integrity can have a ripple effect that makes it all the way to the top of the corporate ladder.


American statesman Benjamin Franklin said it best: "Honest is the best policy." When you are hired on at your corporate job, you may have to sign a contract promising to be honest during your employment. Some workers sign this contract callously without the intention of  being honest. However, you can go above and beyond your contractual obligation by being honest in everything while you are working.

Refusing to gossip, spread lies, lie to your coworkers or your boss, act with deception, or commit other deceptive activities can place value on your employment and on yourself.  Another way to look at it is that honesty is the best insurance policy because ultimately it will earn you a place of respect among your coworkers.

Work Ethic

Your work may be very tiring and physically taxing. However, being willing to take on any task within your skill set and doing it with a cheerful attitude can bring a freshness and and an energy to your environment that your corporation really needs. Colleagues may follow your example and start to greet each day with the same enthusiastic work ethic that you bring to work.

Team Work

If your department is little more than a scattering of isolated loners prior to your arrival, you can help change that by promoting teamwork among your peers. Without overstepping your bounds as an employee you might find ways to coalesce into project teams, or pair up someone working on a similar assignment.

Dog-eat-dog is for dogs. Making each day’s activities fun is a great way to make friends and encourage everyone to work together to increase the productivity level in your department.

You may not be able to dictate what you do or how much your earn, but you can change the game by the cheerful, grateful, and ethical way you play.  Want to see things change at your job? Become the change you want to see.

LaGeris Underwood Bell is privileged to work with a team of writers who make it a joy to work each day. She encourages job-seekers to look for and embrace a work environment like the one at Kids II Inc where the corporate culture is healthy and progressive.


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