Old Man Wit-ism's

As time marches past we learn and store a lot of great information, some we have heard and some have come to our minds randomly. These are all things that have a meaning that are based on true facts from life’s experiences.

Once these words of wisdom are learned and shared with others you will find it amazing how quickly you will hear them again from others. These wit-isms are things that you will become aware of and when you see them or hear them you will know exactly what they mean.

 Middle age arrives when men stop looking at your wife and start looking at your daughter. You will see her as daddy’s little girl they will see a young woman.

The wider the rear wheels on your car become the more car insurance you are going to pay.

 You know that are in a great place in your life when you have trouble deciding which restaurant you want to go have dinner at.

 We should count the success of our life by the number of smiles we have created for others.

 Create a legacy. Helping others will bring you the most satisfaction and you will only remember it for a short time, those who received your help will remember it forever.

 Debt will hold you in bondage forever; owing nothing is the greatest freedom in the world. Buy only what you need and not what you want.

 People who hide their feelings are the ones who will care the most when you need them for support.

 Aggravation is what your wife will express when you are late for her sisters wedding because you didn’t stop to get direction. Naggravation is when you hear about it for the rest of your.

 Be somebody that makes somebody feel like a somebody.

 Sharing a flower with someone that you love will create lifelong memories even if it is a dandelion. It is not what type of flower it is simple the kind thought that you created simply by sharing.

 Words spoken behind some ones back are often overstated, or untrue and vicious in nature causing more harm than good.

 In the grand scheme of life on this planet we are individual micro-orgasmic specs of dust that are here for a short time, creating a sphere of influence on those around us, then forgotten once we are gone.

 Smiles are ours free to give too others, you will never know when someone needs to see a smiling face; your smile could be the one thing that gets them through their day.

 The greatest wealth one can have is your faith in God, your health and a special person to create memories with.

 A wise man will listen carefully to others, not say a lot about themselves and will think for a moment before giving any answer.

 You don’t have to be the most educated person and know everything. To be wise you only need to know where to find the information that you need at the time. Every answer to every question ever asked is written down someplace.

 Stay humble no matter how much net worth we accumulate, the high position of success that we obtain, all the friends that look up to us. Our graves are all the same size.

 Never take the last piece of cake just for yourself, always share it. The bond built with someone by sharing the last piece of cake is immeasurable

  No matter how much knowledge you gain, it means nothing if you don’t share it with others.

 Inventions and new ideas seldom come from a wealth of information rather from many mistakes, pure blind luck or an uncontrollable sense of curiosity.


Please take a few minutes to share this new found wealth of wisdom with all of your family and friends. Start a trend, be the first to say hello to everyone, share a smile with them and share your knowledge.  At the end of the day you will feel energized and an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment.

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