Promise Ceremony...Why They Are Relevant Today?

A promise ceremony can be traced back at least four hundred years to Western Europe. Much like an engagement party today, the ceremony usually included a ring, a recital of a promise to each other, and a party among family and friends as wedding plans were begun to be made

Promise rings were usually not made of diamonds or gold rings. At the time that these ceremonies began, diamonds and gold were reserved for royalty and the average person could not afford such luxuries. However, this does not mean that they were plain or of no value. Beautiful promise rings from that era still survive today. They were made from silver and exquisite gemstones such as rubies and sapphires

The Modern Promise Ceremony

The promise ceremony has become almost a thing of the past as engagement parties have replaced these beautiful events. They have regained popularity, however, as a replacement for marriage ceremonies where same sex marriage is still not legal

These ceremonies are traditionally arranged very similarly to a wedding. Halls are rented to conduct the ceremony, or places of worship are reserved for the occasion. The couple that is making the commitment purchases a ring for each other and vows are exchanged before their guests. The rings are given as a sign of their promise to each other, and the event is usually followed by a reception filled with family and friends

Another group of people that has seemed to revive the promise ceremony is of those attending college. These young people, often surviving on very little money, still want to commit to each other. However, they often wish to delay a formal engagement and wedding until they have left school and have become more financially stable

These promise ceremonies are often conducted in a more simplistic manner but are not any less relevant. The couple makes a deliberate commitment to one another before the witness family and friends.  They exchange a ring which they wear on the same finger as their future wedding ring, and from that point forward are considered betrothed.

Selecting a Promise Ring

A promise ring should be one that means something to both people. It does not need to look like a wedding band or an engagement ring. It should be a beautiful design, yet not so over powering that when the wedding does take place it looks frail in comparison. The rings should be chosen for both people taking part of the ceremony but do not need to match. In fact, the matching rings are usually reserved for the wedding bands.

In a society where everything seems to move quickly, and ceremonies and traditions from the past seem to be considered quaint and obscure, a promise ceremony and ring may not seem to fit in to modern trends. But the truth is, as long as love matters, commitment ceremonies will always be relevant

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer, happily married for over 25 years, and she contributes this article as an advocate of healthy relationships and commitment in young adults. Couples can choose from an array of promise rings at the exclusive online jewelry store, Super Jeweler, which has a bountiful inventory providing many options to clients looking to make any occasion special.


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