Remodeling a Kitchen With a Limited Budget

Creative Tips to Remodeling a Kitchen for the Financially Strapped Budget

For individuals who are financially strapped, remodeling your kitchen can seem like a costly undertaking. However, the following creative ideas can breathe new life into your kitchen and still allow you to adhere to your monthly budget.


One of the easiest and least expensive ways to refurbish a kitchen is through a fresh coat of paint. A semi-gloss latex paint can brighten up your kitchen space and allow you to easily clean up any spills or splatters. To ensure that the paint adheres to your walls properly, you need to thoroughly cleanse them with trisodium phosphate. The kitchen area is a place families love to congregate and gather, so you want to choose a color that is aesthetically pleasing to the family.


A dull kitchen can seem depressing and boring. You can liven up your eating area by replacing your dim bulbs with halogen flood lighting. The light will be a significant improvement, and you’ll still save on energy costs compared to original incandescent light bulbs. Decorative light fixtures can also be added above counter tops, kitchen cabinets and kitchen tables.


If you’re looking for an affordable way to capture everybody’s attention in the kitchen, you’ll want to add some character by using framed artwork. Whether it’s abstract, contemporary, animal or decorative, a bold print can be an eye catching adornment for your wall space. The vivid colors and exquisite details can also captivate your guests and create a great conversation piece for when you entertain.

A decorative frame is also inexpensive and can add character to your painting. To make your room come alive, you can go for bold colors and patterns. Shopping online for your custom artwork can be made easy by shopping on a site like, an online affordable custom-framed artwork dealer. Visiting an art store online provides variety, savings and convenience at the click of a button.


No matter how large your kitchen seems, you may never have enough cabinet space. You’ll find organizers to be an instant upgrade for a kitchen and keeps the area neat and tidy. Shelving units, drawer organizers, pullout trays and racks are an excellent way to store your clutter and create a kitchen that is stylish and charming. Open shelving units can add uniqueness to your kitchen. To save money on remodeling a kitchen, you can DIY by adding the units on your own.

Recycled Kitchens

Green organizations accept and resell environmentally-friendly building materials to consumers who are thinking about remodeling their kitchen. Instead of a builder filling up the landfills with items a homeowner no longer wants, you’ll find the refurbished cabinetry, wood floor boards, light fixtures and counter tops ready for installation. Certain companies are known for their refurbished goods and get some of their wares at old farms or demolished buildings. It’s a great way to decorate your home for less, while being kind to Mother Nature. You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money remodeling a kitchen. For individuals who are on a tight budget, you’ll find it attainable to get the kitchen that you’ve always yearned for without spending a lot of money. You can also tackle your kitchen remodeling projects in various stages as money and time allows.

Lisa Coleman shares some DIY tips on how to remodel a kitchen when dealing with a budget, while still adding some character during the remodeling process. Thanks Lisa for sharing these great ideas on remodeling a kitchen.


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