Teen Peer Pressure...How To Help Your Teenager

Stand Up to Teen Peer Pressure

One of the toughest jobs in the world today is that of being the parent of a modern day teen. As in the past, the social pressures for teens remain challenging. In today’s society, teenagers face issues that never existed before, such as prevalent and ever pervasive technology and advancements, all of which contribute to peer pressure. Don't let peer pressure make your teen succumb to something permanent like tattoos or ear gauges, which will not be easily reversible.

Today's kids are much different than in the past. In fact, the entire world has changed and innocence does not last nearly as long as in days gone by. This makes things much more complicated for teenagers. Below are some suggestions culled from the Noomii life coach directory that parents can try to help teens build self-esteem and confidence to help handle and avoid unhealthy teen peer pressure.

1. Open Door Policy.

Each and every parent always needs to keep the door open to communication. Regardless of the time of day or night, parents should be at the ready to address whatever arises. When teens know their parents are always accessible, they are more likely to consult with them on important issues. Also, the better the lines of communication are, the easier it is to monitor what teens are doing without being invasive or intrusive.

2. Share Information.

Keeping teens informed is essential. While the teenage years include struggles for independence, letting teens know what types of consequences they could face is essential. For instance, teens may pressure friends into engaging in risky behaviors like using illegal street drugs, alcohol or enticing them to have sex before they are ready. To lessen or prevent these activities, parents should be honest about how these behaviors can impact them both in the immediate and long term future. This includes illnesses, diseases, possible death, expenses and the ability to attend school and get a good job in the future.

3. Help them Find Themselves.

Helping teens establish their own identities is another tactic that parents can use to safeguard them. For instance, parents should take an interest in helping their teens to participate in what interests them. Whether it is a hobby they can share or a career interest, parents who spend quality time with their teens are also demonstrating the benefits of focusing on positive activities rather than thrill seeking with bad influences.

4. Ease Up On The Teen Peer Pressure.

Teens often feel pressured to engage in certain acts in order to fit in with various circles of friends. When teens begin to act differently than usual, parents should make every effort to get to the bottom of what is going on and address it before it elicits severe or even tragic results.

5. Set a Strong Example.

The stronger an identity a teen is able to develop, the less the chance of low self esteem for them. When teens appear to be following peer pressure guidelines or have too much interest in materialism or how they look, parents should realize this is a red flag that an abandonment or isolation issue may exist. Therefore, parents should ensure that teens stay occupied with productive, interesting and relevant activities to prevent feelings of isolation.

6. Be Positive.

Just as positive reinforcement is important so that teens learn how to value themselves, accountability is important to develop high self esteem. It is only through accomplishment that people understand how important contribution is, which directly affects self esteem. Above all, parents should stay in the best communication possible with teens to ensure that they are engaging in positive behavior which enhances confidence. This is the most important aspect of safeguarding teens from peer and other pressures that go along with being a teenager in an increasingly challenging world.

Debbie Nguyen is a blogger, designer, and mother of two teens from Atlanta.We want to thank Debbie for sharing this information on teen peer pressure.


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