4 Ways To Keep Your Teen Trouble Free

Schools Out - It's Summer! 4 Ways To Keep Your Teen Trouble Free

With school out for the summer break, you may be wondering how you can keep your teen trouble free. Most teens would love nothing more than to spend a summer vacation lounging around and hanging with their friends. Unfortunately, this could be a recipe for trouble and finding more productive ways for your teen to spend their time can be beneficial to everyone.

1) Volunteer Them

Does your teen enjoy working with animals? Are they handy with tools? Volunteering for a charitable organization that works with animals or builds homes for people in need can be a great way for your teen to learn about helping others. The local hospital can also use their help and may have a number of a visit from your teen. Other volunteer opportunities exist in your area, and your local church or homeless shelter may have jobs for your teen. Your teen is sure to enjoy the feeling of giving back to others less fortunate by doing good deeds. This will also be an excellent way for them to place this experience on their college application essay and can aid them getting into a school of their choosing.

If your teen is of the legal driving age, you might want to consider using an ounce of prevention by having them volunteer with your local M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) organization. You can get more information about teens and drinking at local online sites. 2) Get Them A Job

If your teen is in need of money, a summer job is a great way to earn funds to pay for gas, social activities, car payments and vehicle insurance. You’ll find opportunities that include fast food, grocery clerk, food service, landscaping, babysitting, camp counselor and lifeguard positions. This is a great chance for your teen to learn the responsibilities of holding a job, getting up on time and reporting to work each day.

3) Have Them Attend Classes

If your teen’s grades are less than impressive, or you want them to excel in specific areas to get them ready for college, you can have them attend summer continuing education classes. Summer classes allow your teen to keep their creative juices flowing throughout the season and can get them ahead when classes resume in the fall. This is also an excellent chance for them to take additional classes in subjects that may hold a specific interest for them such as reading, technological courses, art or culinary schooling.

4) Take a Family Vacation

Making time for family is important for communication and staying in touch is easy with a family vacation. Planning one big vacation can hold a special meaning. A trip to Europe, Florida, Michigan or California can be an exciting adventure. If you’re limited on vacation time at work, you can take a couple of long weekends throughout the season and travel to close destinations. Day trips are also fun, and your local museum, amusement park, festivals and park district pool can be just as entertaining. The teen years are especially hormonal for some, and strengthening your relationship with a vacation is imperative for bonding. With unstructured time and limited supervision, your teens have the opportunity to get into trouble. Encouraging your teen to take time and enjoy their summer break is important, but they need to find activities that allow them to do so responsibly. Having her teen nephew for most summers enables Nadine Swayne to offer these tips. that will help you to keep your teen trouble free and help them realize not to be too careless during school break and to make their vacation time well spent. We would like to thank Nadine Swayne for this article on keeping your teen trouble free during summer break.


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