Temporary Tattoo...A Fashion Statement

Need A Style Boost? Try A Temporary Tattoo!

The hottest fashion trend to hit the runways is tattoo's that are temporary art. No longer does an individual have to go under the needle and be exposed to unnecessary health risks. Tattoos that are temporary an emerging trend that compliments your personal tastes and artistic styles.

What Is Temporary Tattoo Art?

Fashion is a form of expressionism, and the designs and accessories are typically fleeting. Tattoo art is an ideal way to accessorize your outfit and mood without a sense of permanency attached to the design. This non-permanent artistic drawing resembles the long lasting variety and can be painted, air brushed or drawn on a particular body part. Tattoos that are temporary become ideal for parties, celebrations, weddings, proms and graduations. Because they lack permanence, you may feel comforted to know that you can place your design in a variety of locations depending on what you wear. The designs are intricate and unique and can be anything from tribal and flowery to necklace and bracelet ornamentation. Tattoo artists are creative and can master most drawings, so you can find a particular style or design and see if they can match the pattern.

Designers And Celebrities

This fashion craze has gotten to be so popular that designers and celebrities have hit the market with their own unique styles. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Betsey Johnson have put together their own line of tattoo art. Beyonce has also made a name for herself in the tattoo world by offering up her own line under the Dereon signature. The tattoos are waterproof, easy to affix and come in several styles such as rocker bolts, chains, spider designs and jeweled baubles. Upper end tattoos put on temporarily are perfect for individuals who are looking for something dramatic for their wedding or other special celebration.

Benefits Of Temporary Tattoos

Getting permanently inked comes with an assortment of risks that are both mentally and physically related. Some individuals forget that tattoos are permanent and imprinting someone’s name can come with certain repercussions, especially if you’re no longer in a relationship together. You also have the risk of needles and infections to contend with and some may worry about the cleanliness of the establishment that will be undertaking the artistic work on your skin.

Tattoos that are temporary typically use safe materials to apply the artistic designs, and the lack of permanence allows you to change up your look to suit your outfit and mood. They are also more cost effective and can run quite a bit less than regular tattoos. The penetrating pain of the needle is not for everyone and individuals with an aversion to discomfort may not be suited for the permanent variety of tattoo.

This wildly popular trend is taking over the fashion scene this season because it’s a safer and healthier form of expression. Tattoos that are temporary also allow you to change your look and image location with ease, and the intricate designs can suit most any lifestyle.

Being an advocate of self expression inspires Nadine Swayne to forward this information. Tattooyou(dot)com offers a wide selection of temporary tattoos for you to find a design that fits your personality. Whether it's a rocker style or delicate blossoms, you're sure to find a tattoo that will boost your style!


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