Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is a succulent cactus plant belonging to Liliaceae family. It is a non-toxic plant which stores water in its leaves to survive during low rainfall and in dry regions. This “plant of immortality”, as it is popularly known, is found mainly in the arid regions of Africa. 

The application of aloe juice or extract for medicinal purpose dates back to the early Egyptian times. In those days, it was used for treating cuts and wounds. The aloe leaves secrete a clear gel. This can be applied topically, as well as ingested in the form of juice.

Here are some of the most well-known health benefits of aloe juice. 

1. Aloe juice contains important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, zinc and essential amino acids. Having this juice is one of the best ways to make full use of the plant’s nutrients. The nutrients present in aloe vera juice are balanced in proportion. When taken in the form of juice, they get absorbed effectively and help curb numerous health complications. The aloe juice is called an adaptogen as it literally adapts to the body’s requirements.

2. Aloe juice contains natural components that help detoxify heavy metals from our body. Consumption of this juice decreases irritation and enhances healing of ulcers in the stomach and intestines. It relieves pain and discomfort related to intestinal problems. The juice is especially useful because of its laxative properties. It is highly recommended for those suffering from ulcerative colitis and constipation.

3. Aloe juice contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. These aid the immune system to cleanse our body of toxins and invading pathogens. It also balances the immune system by reducing harmful effects of seasonal allergies and other inflammatory disorders.

4. Drinking aloe juice reduces symptoms of heart reflux and stabilizes the alkaline levels of our body. It helps multiply oxygen transportation and diffusion of red blood cells. This helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure. Regular consumption of aloe juice stops blood cells form clumping together, which is one of the main reasons behind heart strokes. Include fresh aloe juice in your diet to increase the level of good cholesterol in the body.

5. Aloe juice promotes weight loss by detoxifying our body. It eliminates the waste and toxins through the bowels. The juice stabilizes the metabolic rate and reduces lipid levels. This further helps burn the fat that’s stored in our bodies. Drink Aloe juice every morning on an empty stomach to get rid of body fat.

6. Aloe vera juice is full of anti-oxidants, which help combat the unstable compounds known as free radicals. Studies have proven that aloe juice has strong immunomodulatory and antitumor properties. This enables the juice to boost our immune system while destroying cancerous tumors.

7. Several researches have proven that drinking aloe vera juice can lower the blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. It stabilizes blood sugar level and reduces triglycerides, to control spikes in insulin level. Diabetic patients who drink aloe vera juice for 3 months at a stretch can experience significant decrease in their blood sugar levels.

8. Aloe vera juice contains B sisterole and 12 other substances which slow down inflammation. This is due to the presence of fatty acids. Thus aloe vera juice improves joint flexibility and helps relieve joint pains and arthritis.

9. The anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of aloe juice make it extremely beneficial for the mouth and gums. It contains vitamins and minerals which promote cell growth. It also helps heal bleeding gums and mouth ulcers. Applying aloe juice on gums reduces pain and inflammation. It also reduces plaque formation and combats bad breath.

10. Aloe juice is beneficial for those suffering from cold, cough, stuffy nose, bronchitis and other respiratory disorders.



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