An Interview With The Owner of The Art Of Cruising, Arthur Fessiden.

Everyday Wisdom: Arthur, your company The Art Of Cruising , helped us plan our first annual Everyday Wisdom LLC cruise. You set everything up for us and it turned into a great vacation with many wonderful memories. Thank you for your efforts and also for letting us interview you.

First, tell us a little about yourself and your company.

Arthur: Thanks, Ed, for the chance to tell a little about my company, The Art of Cruising. I have been in the travel arena for 26 years with my original company being Travel Made Easy. I am currently affiliated with the biggest cruise agency in North America & my services are free. I have had the privilege of visiting over 100 countries and all 50 states. I enjoy helping people visit the lands of their dreams.

Everyday Wisdom: What do you look for when evaluating a cruise? What are the most important factors?

Arthur: When I evaluate a cruise, it starts the moment I board the ship. Does this cruise line make you feel like a VIP immediately? Service, entertainment, food and general ship presentation are all important factors.

Everyday Wisdom: How has the cruise industry changed over the years?

Arthur: The cruise industry over the years has developed bigger & bigger ships. Ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls, and surf riding are all part of the cruise industry’s strategy to lure the family. Ships are now entertaining 3000-4000 people on one cruise.

Everyday Wisdom: If someone has decided to go on their first cruise, what would you suggest they consider in picking the cruise?

Arthur: Without a doubt my most important job is matching up the potential client with the right cruise line for them. When fist interviewing a potential client, budget, destination, length of cruise and listening to what is important to them are all-important factors. Does my client want a big or small ship?

Everyday Wisdom: When picking a cruise does a person's age need to be considered? Why or why not?

Arthur: Age is extremely important in determining what cruise should be suggested. Kids need kids activities to be happy with a lot of action required. Older passengers don’t want to be around any children and want a more sophisticated environment.

Everyday Wisdom: If parents are taking children with them, are there certain factors for you to consider when suggesting a certain cruise? What factors do the parents have to consider?

Arthur: When parents are taking their children, a ship must be selected that offers not only kids activities but also has programs that their kids can sign up for. Adventure science, adventure art, adventure family activates, backstage tour, karaoke, pool parties and talent shows are just a few that are offered on certain cruise lines. They break the kids into groups , for example 3-5,6-8,9-12, 13,14 and 15-17 .

Everyday Wisdom: What do you find most satisfying about your job as the owner of The Art Of Cruising?

Arthur: The most satisfying aspect of my business is helping people travel to the places they have always dreamed of visiting and learning about different cultures.

Everyday Wisdom: What do you feel is your companies greatest strength?

Arthur: My affiliation with the biggest cruise agency is huge. My company looks after the little details and walks clients from the beginning to the end in all aspects of a cruise.

Everyday Wisdom: What about your job motivates you? What are you most passionate about?

Being in the fun business helps. My passion is helping people go to foreign lands and learn about different cultures.

Arthur: My extensive travel enables me to help people with almost any destination that they desire. Being familiar with different countries enables me to help people extensively in planning shore excursions. Having been on approximately 20 cruises also helps me in selecting the right cruise for my clients.

Everyday Wisdom: Thanks again for the interview, Arthur (and helping us pick the right cruise for us). We wish you a lot of success with your company The Art Of Cruising.

Arthur: Thank you. It's been my pleasure.

If you are thinking of going on cruise, why not get in touch with The Art Of Cruising? Here's a link to Arthur's website.

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