Top Auto Maintenance Tips 

Keep Your Car Running Like New Using These Auto Maintanance Tips
Your car needs to be well maintained at all times. If you truly value your car, then it is high time that you take it in for service. However, this is not something that you rush for. Take time and be extra vigilant when choosing a technician lest you regret. Also, it is important that you understand the top auto maintenance tips for they will guide you in maintaining your car. So, how will you choose the right auto repair shop and automotive technician? Well, there is absolutely no need to worry. Just use these top auto maintenance tips and be guaranteed to receive the best services ever.

1. Always read your manual-
Many drivers do not carry with them their owner’s manual. They believe that a manual is just something to refer to when you have a problem. An owner’s manual is something that you need to familiarize yourself with. So, get it out and read it because it has details that you need such as service schedules, engine size, maintenance instructions and much more.

2. Always keep your records-

In order to avoid repetitive repairs; you will need to keep your records well. If possible, always keep them in your car for easy reference. They will help your technician to service your care efficiently because they indicate the repairs that have been performed on your car. Besides, it will help you save money that you would have otherwise been used in repetitive repairs.

3. Make a choice between the Dealer Service Department and the Local Garage-
Choices have consequences and therefore you will need to make your choices well. When making your decision as to whether to go to the Dealer Service Department or the Local Garage, you will need to consider these factors :

A) Professional Technicians are specialists, trained and they use the latest techniques to repair your car. However, they are more expensive as compared to Local Dealers. Besides, you may also be required to travel many miles to get them.

B) Local Dealers can be experts who retired from Professional Work to start their own. They therefore have the required skills for repairing your car.

Finally, always consult your friends and family members for referrals to ensure that you get the best repair services.

4. Choose ASE- Certified Technicians-
Nowadays, it is possible to ascertain whether a dealer is expert or not. All that you need to do is to look for ASE sign in business premises. If you cannot find, then that dealer may not be an expert. ASE tests and gives certificates to automotive professionals every five years. These signs therefore should be your guide as you look for competent technicians.

5. Look for professionals who are experts in your car model-
It is always recommended that you look for vehicle maintenance facilities which specialize in your model and make. This is because they understand the procedures of servicing your car. Remember that your car is complex and therefore, only entrust trusted professionals with the task of maintaining your vehicle.

6. Get to know the labor rates and pricing-
The most reputable repair shops normally post their service and labor fees. Have a clear look at them and if anything is not clear, speak out you mind. Do not be shy. Instead, tell them exactly what you think.

7. Ask questions-
The sure way to understand is through asking questions. Remember that your car is a valuable investment and therefore do not hesitate to ask questions. If there is anything that you do not seem to understand, feel free to ask. Real automotive professionals will be glad to attend to your questions. They are in business because of you and therefore they will strive to ensure that you are contented.

8. Go for premium Gates parts-
Having found a great automotive technician, you will need to insist on premium replacement parts. Gates Rubber Company is renowned for producing superior parts. You can always insist on their replacement parts because they are simply the best.

9. Take part in preventive maintenance-
If you want to avoid troubles, always follow the recommended schedules to maintain your car. That said; let your manufacturer’s recommendations be your general guidelines. Do not wait until your car breakdown! Remember that prevention is better than cure.

10. Follow your instincts-
Your instincts are important. If you feel that you are not getting enough service, walk away. Look for someone who value your car and will do anything to maintain it. Anything! In conclusion, these are the top auto maintenance tips that if you follow, you will be guaranteed of giving your car the best service it deserves.

This post has been contributed by Mary Jones. We would like to thank our guest author Mary Jones for sharing this information on auto maintenance tips with our readers.

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