10 Baby Items for Busy Moms on the Go

10 Must Have baby items for the New Mom on the Go

Whether you are a very busy mom or you are getting ready to go on your first trip since your baby was born, it is important to carefully consider all of the necessary items that will make your day or first trip go more smoothly. The following list will provide you with a great starting point to ensure that you do not leave anything important behind.

1. Travel Cribs -  Taking a travel crib with you will give you the flexibility to put your baby down for naps and overnight in an environment that feels familiar to them. Unlike a regular crib, however, the travel version has been created to be light for easy portability.

2. Play Gyms - Regardless of where you are, baby gyms are an easy option for keeping your baby entertained. Not only do they have bright and soft play areas, but they are also light and easy to travel with. Most of the baby gyms come with several melodies and toys to keep your baby active. 

3. Extra Clothing - It can be easy to forget just how often it is necessary to wash clothes throughout the day when you are planning for vacation. Instead of ending up in a laundromat, take at least two or three extra outfits with you.

4. Favorite Books - Even though your baby cannot read yet, they most likely love looking at pictures. If they are old enough to hold a book on their own, you can let them look at one while you are driving. If not, you will still need to be able to read to them throughout the day.

5. Toys - Make sure that you take an appropriate amount of toys with you, including items that have been favorites for long car rides. The more you are able to keep your baby entertained, the less likely they are to become fussy during the trip.

6. Travel Strollers - A travel stroller is the perfect option for a baby's first trip because it comes equipped with a car seat. If you are renting a vehicle, this will be the best way to take care of two of your baby's needs at once.

7. Square of Cloth - Sometimes the simplest baby items are the most important, and a square of cloth can be used to protect your baby's eyes from all of the light changes if you are traveling on a plane.

8. DVDs - Even if you do not typically sit your baby in front of the television for a long period of time, it can be the perfect distraction during a long road trip.

9. Travel Totes - Keep all of your necessary baby supplies with you in a travel tote that has been designed to slip over the top of a travel stroller.

10. Travel Trays - A travel tray will give your baby the perfect place to keep some toys during a busy day. 

Although there might still be some fussy moments if your baby is not used to traveling, the items listed above will definitely make the entire experience much easier for everyone involved. If you plan ahead and prepare for all your baby's needs you can relax and enjoy the trip.

Lisa Coleman enjoys traveling and encourages new parents to travel with their babies. With the right baby items it is possible to actually enjoy traveling with your new family. For example, baby items like baby gyms from Kids ll, Inc. can make all the difference on long trips. These extra soft activity gyms feature dancing lights, toys and classic melodies to keep your baby active and happy while you travel.





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