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5 Baby Nursery Musts to Buy When You're Expecting

 Baby nursery must haves when your baby comes home from the hospital.

If you're about to be a new parent for the first time, chances are you're a little freaked out about what you need to buy for your baby. The list can seem endless, and of course, everyone has an opinion on what you really need. As a new parent, you know those bills can really add up, so getting your list right can mean avoiding huge bills and items you won't really use much anyway. So what exactly do you really need to have before you bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital?

The Perfect Baby List

The last thing you want to have happen is to realize you need some essential item after you get home with your new baby. Getting yourself ready means more time to enjoy getting to know your little one, rather than rushing around to the stores for those last minute supplies. Think about each step: how are you going to bring them home from the hospital? Where are they going to sleep? What do I do with all these dirty diapers? By breaking it into smaller questions, you can tackle the whole list.

1) The Crib For The Baby Nursery
This will be your big ticket item. Obviously your new tot is going to need a place to sleep, so having a crib ready for their arrival is an easy item to cross off your list. Your baby is probably going to be spending their first two years of life here, so getting a sturdy one is essential. Make sure it meets safety standards, as far as how wide the slats are apart. Beware of hand me downs. Mattresses should be snug fitting against the sides of the crib and crib sheets should be snug on the mattress. Keep stuffed animals and heavy blanketing away from cribs to prevent suffocation.

2) Changing Table
Diapers are the unpleasant side of parenting, but it's something you're going to have to deal with. A changing table can be of great help, holding everything you need to clean up your little one, as well as providing safety rails for when they grow and decide wriggling around and flipping over is the greatest thing on earth. Be sure to regularly wash and sanitize your changing table to keep it healthy for your baby.

3) Diaper Pail
Remember that nice changing table you're going to buy? Getting a diaper pail to go along with it really is essential. Look for pails that have deodorizing capabilities to minimize unpleasant smells, and be sure to change and sanitize it regularly.

4) Play Yards

Even when they're small, kids seem to get into everything they're not supposed to. Having a play yard can give you a bit of relief that your baby is in a safe place. It can do double duty as a bed for naps or when traveling to visit grandparents. Play yards can also be essential should you have curious toddlers in your family that may want to play with your baby a bit rougher than they should.

5) Swing
It's a fact: little kids love swings. Swings can be a real lifesaver should you have a fussy baby, particularly one that's not cooperating with a sleep schedule. Swings are soothing to a child, and are also great for entertaining your baby when you have a few things to do around the house. Just make sure your infant's neck is properly supported when they're swinging.

Getting the basics together really can help you to come home and relax with the new addition to your family. Having these basics on hand will make your new life more manageable and less stressful when you're bleary-eyed with lack of sleep. When you bring home a new baby, you want to spend time enjoying that baby. Planning the baby nursery is essential, which is a mantra that you will become very familiar with as a new parent.
Debbie Nguyen is a freelance writer who likes to blog about all things kid related. She swore by her play yard when her kids were little because of its versatility. It served as a bed, play center and kiddie jail when needed.

We want to thank Debbie for sharing this information on your baby nursery and what you should be prepared for... Publisher's note... Having been blessed with two great children one thing I have learned. For the first two years you try to teach them to walk and talk. The next 18 years you will be telling them to sit down and be quiet.


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