New Mom's Guide to Helping Your Body Bounce Back

Help your body bounce back

Most new mothers are concerned about the idea of getting their body back to its pre-baby weight. Fortunately, there are several techniques that you can utilize to help you drop your maternity weight in a quick and healthy manner. As an added bonus, getting into shape quickly after you give birth will make it much easier for you to take care of your infant's daily needs. After all, they will be crawling and then walking before you know it, and you are going to need enough stamina to keep up with them.

Tips for Your Bounce Back

1. Breastfeed – Providing your baby with breast milk is one of the best ways to give them a good start in life. Additionally, research has proven that breastfeeding makes it easier for a new mother to lose weight and to tighten their stomach. There are also several other benefits to breastfeeding, including reducing your risk of contracting diabetes and certain forms of cancer. Therefore, it is always a good idea for every new mother to invest in a nursing or feeding pillow so that they can make the process of breastfeeding their infant as easy and comfortable as possible.

2. Take a Yoga Class – Although it might be hard to imagine, there are actually several yoga studios around the world that offer classes that can be taken by a new mother and her baby. This will help you with your goal of getting back into shape, and it will also introduce your child to the concept of becoming physically fit at a very young age. As an added bonus, taking a yoga class with your infant will help the two of you bond.

3. Get a Jogging Stroller – Your baby will benefit from getting out of the house and experiencing the sensation of being pushed in a stroller. This can help you get them to sleep, and it can also ensure that they are given the opportunity to enhance their mental development. Keep in mind that most child psychologists believe that exposing your baby to a wide variety of colors, shapes and objects is one of the best ways to help them improve their intelligence.

It is easy to understand why so many parents go for daily walks with their baby even if they are not attempting to lose weight when you consider all of the different things that an infant will be exposed to while lying in a stroller. Fortunately, the action of jogging with your child in a stroller will also definitely assist you with your weight loss goal.

There are several other techniques that you can use to help your body bounce back after you give birth, including exercising at home and joining a gym. However, selecting options that enable you to spend time with your baby is the best way to enhance your bond while also getting into shape. Therefore, breastfeeding, using a jogging stroller and enrolling in a yoga class with your infant are prime choices.

Having gone through four pregnancies, writer Melanie Fleury knows the toll that it can take on your body. She has learned that staying active through her pregnancy helped her to bounce back quicker. Breastfeeding, using a comfortable feeding pillow was her favorite way to bond with her child and had the added benefit of tightening her stomach. She advises new mothers to not stress over their body but to focus on their overall health and enjoying time with her new little one.


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