6 Tips for Speedily Resolving Your Car Accident Case

You have just had a car accident. Here are some tips that will help you resolve your case faster

Traffic can get crazy in the fall as kids go back to school, people travel for upcoming holidays, and a new work season gets under way. As people get into high gear for fall after the ease of the summer, stress may cause them to be less observant of local traffic laws. Inattentiveness can lead some drivers to be in accidents and held liable for the injuries and car damages of others. When you find yourself in this situation, you may wonder how you can resolve your accident case as painlessly as possible. Following the following recommendations can help you resolve your case successfully

Be Honest With Local Law Enforcement

Many peoples' first reaction after an accident is to embellish their stories and make themselves appear to be blameless. Traffic cops are accustomed to hearing every tale in the book about why an accident is not a driver's fault. Rather than lying about how the accident happened, you should be honest and cooperative with local law enforcement. Police officers are usually empathetic and helpful as long as you tell the truth

Keep Your Insurance Paid and Up-To-Date

Many drivers make the mistake of letting their policies lapse. They may believe that since they are not in school or not driving to work, they do not need this coverage. Being in accident without insurance can leave you liable for huge expenses that you may not be able to afford. While it can be tempting to let your insurance lapse in favor of other expenses, you can better resolve an accident if you have a current active car insurance policy

Stay Calm and Rational

Tempers can flare in the immediate aftermath of an accident. You may want to get out of your car and shout at the other person or people involved. However, keep in mind that your actions after an accident can work against you when insurance adjusters and police officers investigate the circumstances of the wreck. Shouting at people, especially when the car accident is your fault, will not successfully resolve your case. You should keep your cool and speak to the other drivers, adjusters, and cops in a calm manner. Your account of the event will be better received, and you will be viewed in a more positive light if you remember to control your temper.

Remember to Compromise

People whose cars are wrecked into often react by wanting to sue the driver who caused the accident. Because lawsuits are costly and time consuming, most lawyers and insurance adjusters urge clients to settle their cases. If you caused the accident, you can quickly resolve your case by compromising with the victim and settling if necessary. Settling can cause your insurance rates to go up; however, it is cheaper than being sued in court and possibly having a judgment levied against you.

Let Representation Speak for You

You may be tempted to reach out to the other driver or drivers in sympathy. However, you should let your legal counsel and your insurance agent do all the communicating for you. Attorneys, from Houston car accident attorney groups to Philadelphia criminal law firms, have the experience and legal training to properly communicate with the other involved parties. If you say something out of turn, you could inadvertently jeopardize your case

Resolving a rush hour fender bender does not have to be difficult. Keeping calm, being honest, and having an active insurance policy can be the key to resolving your case successfully. Following these suggestions can help you focus on your career and personal life and avoid the hassles of a prolonged court battle

Busy Southern mom and writer, Molly Pearce offers tips on how to better handle the hassle and sometimes tragedy of an auto accident in the midst of readers' hectic lives. We would like to thank Molly Pearce for sharing this information on handling car accidents.


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