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4 Awesome Ways To Make It Shine!

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Image is everything, and that goes for your business and company image as well. Selecting the right colors, logo and brand image not only conveys what your company is all about, but can also make a serious impression on people from the very first viewing. How do you go about creating your image so you're getting maximum value?

How Do I Brush Up My Brand?

Cleaning up and adding polish to your business image may sound like a daunting task. However, the scope of a project like this is only limited to your creativity. By harnessing the power of public relations, social media and a great website, your brand equity can truly shine. A great well-known brand that is memorable to people can drive traffic away from your competitors and straight to your door.

1) Think Web Experience, Not Website

There's a common misconception with websites that "if you build it, they will come." Given the vast array of websites out there, including your competitors, you need to think more in line with your customer's experience on your site, rather than just getting something up there. Try thinking like your customer when going through your website, or get friends and family to test it for you and give you feedback. By creating a seamless and visually appealing experience, your customers will come to you first and keep returning.

2) Embrace Social Media

Using social media gives your company image a unique voice and an ability to communicate with your customers in a way they enjoy. Most people use social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter every day, visiting and spending more time on them than all of their other regularly visited websites combined. By regularly interacting on social media, you can introduce new products, get feedback from customers on existing purchases and even hold contests and competitions to drive traffic to your site.

3) Generate Blogging

Communicating with customers just doesn't happen via social media, it can also happen with regular blogging on your site. By blogging as little as twice a week on subjects that pertain to your business or new products and services, search engines will pick up on your site with greater ease and your search rankings will go up as a result. Higher search rankings also help customers find you more easily. In addition to blogging on your own site, try guest blogging on sites that relate to your product or service. By getting involved with your customer community, they'll get to know your brand and image above all others.

4) Implement Great Graphics

Words are important, but liking a product at first glance is also integral to your company's image. Color and readability in your logo is a huge factor, but this also needs to translate into your website and other marketing materials. An overall look that people will know at a glance is very important.
Just think about some of your favorite brands and how you would be able to identify them even without text. If you're graphically challenged, be sure to head to a professional for this task, as they will be able to advise you on current trends and help you come up with new and creative ideas for your look.

Your company's image is a very important part of what you do. At the end of the day, sometimes it's not even about having the best product or the most competitive price, but the trust that you build through your customer relationships and company image. By fostering the most positive image you can, you're sure to see traffic to your door increase, and revenue along with it.
Debbie Nguyen is a graphic designer and blogger who understands the importance of building brand equity to succeed in business. She has contributed to many corporate successes during the course of her design career.


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