Injured in a Car Accident While Using The Company Vehicle?: 

Have you been injured while using the company vehicle? Driving as a mode of transportation is a necessity throughout most areas of the country. Most individuals like to think that they're safe behind the wheel, but on average, a driver will have to file an accident claim once every 17.9 years. Sadly, car insurance laws and policies can be very complex, but this complexity increases exponentially when vehicles owned by the company are involved. Because of the complex nature and varying insurance policies involved, anyone who experiences an accident while behind the wheel of a company car should know their rights. 

Differences in Coverage

There are various differences between personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance policies. It's important for everyone at a company, both manager and employee alike, to recognize these differences since they may not be covered if using a company vehicle for personal use or vice versa. These differences exist due to the increased liability risks that company vehicles face. If you are injured in a company vehicle you should hire a local attorney who is familiar with the accident liability laws in your state. A city specific Internet search like Miami FL car accident attorney will yield many relevant local results.

Company car insurance policies often cover new cars that are purchased for the company, non-company cars being driven for business reasons, additional items, such as trailers, that may be used, and a host of other necessities. Because of the numerous variations between personal and commercial policies, a personal vehicle should never be used for commercial purposes, or the driver and company may find themselves out of luck in a lawsuit. 

Differences in Fault

Employees injured in company vehicles may be wondering about how they'll be compensated, but they also need to wonder whether or not they were at fault for the accident. An injured employee will undoubtedly receive some sort of compensation, but if they were at fault for the accident, they may have bigger issues on their hands. 

When an employee causes an accident while driving a company car, the injured motorist can actually sue the company and that worker. This can leave the employee facing a legal battle, court costs and compensation payments. So while some form of compensation will be provided to the employee, as described below, they will still likely come out on the losing end if they negligently caused the wreck. 

Compensation Methods

When a person is injured in a car accident, their insurance or the negligent driver's insurance will usually cover medical bills. When this occurs in a company vehicle, though, there is an additional option. A worker injured while driving for the company , regardless of whether they were at fault or not, was essentially injured in the course of their job. This makes them eligible for worker's compensation payments. 

In addition, if an injured worker wasn't at fault for their accident, they can also bring forward a lawsuit against the negligent motorist. It's important to speak with an attorney in these cases because an employee isn't allowed to collect on both of these insurance policies. In many instances, if a person recovers compensation from a negligent driver, they will have to reimburse the worker's compensation insurer for what they received. Due to the varying nature of state laws, only a legal professional can fully explain what will happen in any given situation. 

Anyone injured while driving a company vehicle, at least during the course of doing their job, is bound to get compensation in one way or another. The only nuances to this consistent rule is whether or not the company driver was at fault or not. In some instances, the employee could end up coming out of their own pocket if they injured an innocent motorist, but when the worker is injured due to the negligence of another driver, they have various sources of compensation from which they can recover.


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