When Should You Use Corded/Cordless Electric Tools

Corded or Cordless What Will Serve You Best

Choosing between different tools can be confusing. There are many different options available, each bring with it advantages and disadvantages. Take the time to examine what you will mainly be using the tool for. This could make all the difference.

Even if they are designed to do the same things, there are often huge differences between tools that are battery powered and tools that are corded. The type that works best for you should be examined on a case-to-case basis.


Cordless devices aren’t as powerful as those that get plugged in to use. They will lose power faster, never gaining the same strength as those that are plugged into an outlet. These devices are different based on whether they are gas powered or electric powered. Newer battery powered tools are coming into the market that have the same strength as those that are corded. Rather than losing battery power quickly, they last longer, helping you to use them for almost just as long.

Charging a cordless device is key. Don’t leave it off the charging station when it isn’t in use. Leaving it uncharged will leave you in a bad situation when you need it most. For those items that use changeable batteries rather than a chargeable one, know which kind goes inside, and have a few backups just in case.

When using a cordless device, you won’t be tied down to where there are outlet cords available. If you need to take care of a project in the garage when you haven’t had time to put outlets inside, or even anywhere in the yard, the project can be completed. This way you won’t need to worry about extension cords or other means of hooking up the tool, you will have the power source directly with you.

For contractors, sometimes cordless tools are the only ones that will work. When working on a new home with no electricity yet, the only source of power available will be battery powered.


Tools that are connected to cords have their own limitations. Rather than being free to roam wherever you want, you are rooted to the spot, wherever you can find an outlet. It is necessary to invest in extension cords for those in this situation.

Even with the restrictions, in general, corded appliances usually work better. They do not run out of power as some battery operated tools do, and often times have more power than the other options.

For circular saws, the blade is much smaller in the battery powered models, because that is all the battery is able to support. By investing in a corded option, a bigger blade becomes possible.

Choosing the right electric power tool for you is critical. There are many different options to choose from. Select the best features that you need. If you find that you will have limited access to outlets, and don’t want to deal with extension cords, battery powered tools may be the best option for you. If you need more power for what you are doing, and are less concerned with the hassle of cords, invest in a corded tool. 


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