Dress Code Has a Sexy Work Uniform Caused You Injury? 

Many bars and dining establishments have a dress code in place that requires their wait staff and servers to dress provocatively. While the revealing uniforms can attract customers and bring in business for the establishment, the risks of getting injured and unwarranted sexual attention can be hazardous to the individual having to do the dirty work.

Job Hazards and Injuries

Models who walk the runway in the city’s most famous fashion shows may find it a glamorous job with the outfits, shoes and destination shootings initially. Unfortunately, runway spills occur all of the time. High heels, slick floors and unique clothing options are typically at the root of the problem and can injure an employee for having to wear the trendy items.

Other workers, such as waitresses, bartenders, and hostesses, who are required to wear skimpy attire set by the management company may also be at risk for on the job injuries. The women may draw in large numbers of customers to a business because of their minimal attire, but it can become difficult to handle duties that are required of them such as carrying trays heavy with food and beverages.

According to Arlene Auger, who is a personal injury attorney Charlotte NC-based specialist, head, back and neck injuries are the most common injuries sustained by someone who has to wear a suggestive outfit for their position. If you’ve gotten injured on the job because of a mandatory dress code, your employer may be liable for the injuries that you’ve sustained.

Sexual Harassment

Requiring an employee to wear revealing clothing for their position can put an employer in a precarious situation, and it may leave them open to a sexual harassment lawsuit. The employer may be held liable for encouraging customers to harass and touch the employees because of their suggestive attire. While the courts may disagree on what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace in this particular situation, hirers are seeking trouble if they require employees to "dress sexy." Management needs to consult with an attorney before imposing any job requirements that demand employees wear skimpy tops, short shorts and heels. Businesses can also be subjected to a sexual discrimination lawsuit for imposing different dress codes for female and male employees.

Healthy and Safe Job Environment

An employer is expected to provide a safe and healthy environment for the employees that work for them. Failing to do so can result in an injury or accident at work. If an employer has a specific dress code in place such as spiked heels, tall boots and other sexy attire, they could be held at risk for any injuries that an employee incurs during work hours. An injured employee can seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney to determine if they can seek retribution for their ailments.

While many employers place safety and wellness as a high priority for their employees, you’ll find others who will focus on profit. A business that requires an employee to dress in a provocative manner can be open to a host of problems such as injuries, harassment and mental anguish. It can also leave them vulnerable to a lawsuit because of the repercussions related to the promiscuous dress code.

Debbie Nguyen is a graphic designer and blogger. She worked retail during her college years which required standing on high heels for 6-hour periods or longer, resulting in lower back and sciatic pain.


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