Eat Healthier 6 Snacks To Eat At Work

Trying to eat healthier this year? Remember, there is no point in having a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner if what you eat in between those times is not up to standard nutritionally.

Healthy snacks can take some work and planning, particularly take-to-work snacks which must be easy, quick and tidy to prepare and consume. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Say no to the vending machine and goodbye to those stale office biscuits, and enjoy our round-up of six nutritious and delicious snacks to enjoy at work!

Go nuts

Nuts are flavor some, full of energy, and surprisingly filling. They are long-lasting, not messy, and compact enough to carry to work and store at your desk. In other words, nuts make the ideal workplace snack.

Have an ounce or roughly a quarter of a cup of your preferred nuts – be they almonds, walnuts, peanuts, macadamias, Brazil nuts or a mixed variety – each day at work. With a great mix of healthy fats, protein, fibre and vitamins, nuts are great for the body, and are believed to aid weight loss.


Peanut butter rice cake time

Though it may come as a surprise, plain, sugar-free peanut butter is actually a relatively healthy spread, as it is high in healthy fats. Spread some of that goodness on some brown sugar-free oat cakes or rice cakes – which are slow-release carbohydrates perfect for re-energising you throughout the working day. This eat healthier workplace snack manages to be both healthy and delicious.


Get fruity

Fruit is like nature’s version of candy, except healthy... and messy. The only problem that snacking on fruit at the office presents is the challenge of enjoying some of the most popular fruits – mangoes, lychees, oranges, watermelon – without fiddling for too long or making a mess at your desk. You could avoid all these messy alternatives – and any fruits with pips – and only go for easy-to-eat fruit like bananas, apples, berries and grapes.

A better alternative is to simply prepare all your fruit before you go to work: get the peeling, seeding, pipping and whatever else out of the way, and throw your homemade fruit salad into a sealed plastic cup, so you can enjoy this sweet, delicious and healthy treat at your office without having to clean up afterwards. Dried fruit are another good alternative.

Vegie patch

Vegetables aren’t exactly known as the tastiest of foods, and aren’t quite as easy to casually snack on as their sweeter, more popular cousins of the fruit family. But with many westerners failing to nourish their bodies with sufficient servings of vegetables, this is one healthy snack you are going to have to get used to. Cucumber and carrots are great ideas for take-to-work snacks, as both should keep fresh on the way to work in a sealed container. Grate, chop or julienne those babies to your heart’s content and munch away. Your body will be thanking you.



Egg is more than just a weekend breakfast indulgence; it’s an essential source of protein, providing an energy boost that makes it an ideal afternoon snack. Of course, unless you work in a kitchen, it’s unlikely that you can fry or scramble yourself some eggs at your workplace. The solution is to hard-boil an egg or two before you come to work and bring it along with you. Store it in the fridge to keep throughout the day and, voila! A healthy, low-fuss afternoon snack.


Ready-made snacks

Convenient, oh-so-easy ready-made snacks don’t exactly have the best reputation in the health food industry, but the truth is that there are a range of healthy alternatives you can enjoy rather than the lowly fatty chocolate bar.

Embrace health bars such as Atkins bars, which are high in fibre and have no trans fats. You can make a snack bar yourself using an online recipe, or even come up with a recipe of your own using your favourite healthy ingredients. Another alternative is the humble string cheese, which is high in protein at only 80 calories. 


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