Eco Friendly Toys For Your Toddler

How To Find Low Maintenance Eco Friendly Toys For Your Toddler

The sweet face of your child is aimed toward the future, and you’re willing to do everything you can to make sure that his future is a bright one. It’s also your job to instill in him a sense of responsibility to care for the environment. Some of the brightest ideas for a better tomorrow are the things your child plays with today. These friendly toys may be small, but they make a big difference. Here are 5 things to keep in mind the next time you shop for your toddler

1. What's that toy made of

Few eco friendly toys come with a complete list of ingredients, and most are made from industrial plastics. However, a little research will lead you to dedicated toy makers who proudly use eco friendly materials. Recycled milk jugs are an excellent example of this smart approach to manufacturing, and sustainable woods are another alternative to traditional toy construction. Even that teddy bear is more eco-friendly when he's made from organic cotton.

2. How was it manufactured

It's easy to stick a green label on a toy because it's made from eco-friendly materials, but this can be misleading. Consider the miles covered by transporting raw materials to a factory site, add the energy consumed during the manufacturing process, and throw in packaging that's been through its own design process. It all takes a toll on the environment.

Seek information you can depend on by logging onto bright start swings. Reputable toy makers offer transparent information about their products, so do some online fieldwork, and find out all you can.

3. How far did it travel

That toddler's plaything leaves a big carbon footprint when it's shipped around the country. However, filling the toy chest with locally produced items isn't practical. Instead, look for companies that take pride in green transport and shipping policies. These are the toy makers that move their products with their own bio-fueled fleets or through eco-friendly shipping companies, and they make these policies part of their marketing

4. Is it a good teacher

Your toddler doesn't understand the importance of eco friendly toys yet, but he's developing at an astonishing rate. Giving him the latest digital gadget to stimulate learning isn't nearly as eco-savvy as giving him a simple set of building blocks. The best toys are the ones that don't include batteries. Let him learn with his little hands filled with easy-to-hold shapes and play-sets that give his imagination room to grow.

5. Will your toddler like it

You may be charmed by a toy's pedigree, but it has to be kid-friendly or it’ll be headed for the recycle bin. Favorite playthings are bright, easy to hang onto, and durable. They'll capture his attention then easily store away for another round of building or sorting. Diversity keeps toys interesting, so indulge your child with things that inspire a variety of activities. His favorite toys will probably be the ones that you love playing with, too.

Choosing toys for your child is almost as much fun as watching that little face smile with delight at a new plaything. Explain the importance of living green when he's older. For now, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from doing your part for his future.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell hopes to encourage ecologically-minded moms and dads to steer their young charges toward an environmentally responsible lifestyle. We want to thank LaGeris for sharing this information with our readers.


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