What Type Of Eternity Ring Should You Buy Your Wife?

If you are looking for a special gift for your wife, an eternity ring can often be a really special one that can show how much you appreciate and love her. It is also something she can wear all the time with her engagement and wedding rings, and can even end up being an heirloom she can eventually pass on to one of your children or grandchildren. Eternity rings come in a lot of different styles, and choosing one can be tough if you don't know where to start. Here is a guide to eternity rings that may help you make the choice of the perfect gift for your wife:

What Is An Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring is traditionally given by a husband to a wife to be worn with the wedding band and engagement ring, to symbolize the lasting nature of the marriage. It is usually given after a few (or many) years of happy marriage, but there is no traditional fixed time after which it is appropriate to give one. It can be given as an anniversary, birthday or Christmas present, or just whenever you want to give it! It is usually a band so it sits nicely next to the wedding ring on her ring finger, and is usually decorated with stones. Many people also have the inside of the ring engraved with their names, the date of their wedding or a special message. Eternity rings are nice because after the wedding, there aren't really any other opportunities to give a piece of jewelry that, unlike things like earrings, she will wear at all times rather than just with certain outfits or on special occasions.

What Styles Should You Look For?

It is important for the ring to match her wedding and engagement rings in terms of the type of metal and stones. If she has a platinum wedding ring, a gold eternity ring will look bad and even white gold, which is a closer match, won't really work, so choose the same color and carat of metal as her existing rings. If you can't remember what they are, then you may have to be a bit sneaky in asking her to find out! When it comes to stones, diamond rings are the usual thing but you can also have diamonds set with other stones. If there are colored stones in her engagement ring you should choose the same, or opt for just diamonds so it won't clash. However, if her other rings are solely diamond you can choose any colored stones you think she will like, from classics like sapphires or rubies to more unusual things like pink tourmaline. If she has a favorite color this can be a thoughtful thing to include, or you can find out what her birth stone is and choose that. For women who prefer plainer jewelry, a simple row of small diamonds can be a beautiful and elegant choice. Whatever you choose, make sure it is presented in a beautiful gift box for her to open and be delighted by the surprise you have given her!

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