4 Steps Every Parent Must Take 

4 Steps every parent needs to take to help with navigating throughout the teen years. It’s a time when they are seeking their own identity while becoming influenced by their friends and peers. The media and social pressures can add to their angst, making it difficult for them to make the right decisions. Teens who fail to take the right path can be a target for criminal activities such as theft, robberies and arson. However, parents can influence your teens through positive contact and instill influential values into their lives.

1. Provide A Stable Home Environment
Providing a stable home environment for your teen will show them that you love them, and they matter. You can do this by setting time aside during the week and on weekends to support their extra-curricular activities such as football games, cheerleading, chess club, wrestling or theater programs.

You can also make time for them by making meal times a mandatory family activity. Family time should also include sharing game night, movie time and going to the gym together. You should also determine what your teen is most interested in and support them in this activity.

Creating positive environments for your teen can help in the avoidance of negative influences such as peers involved in criminal behavior. These juvenile crimes can have extreme adverse effects on their adult lives. Information researched online, on sites such as www.devorelawoffice.com, states that,"...a juvenile offender will be left with a criminal record. Potential landlords, colleges, employers and financial institutions will all be able to access that record of conviction."

2. Find Your Teen A Mentor
Being a single parent can be difficult when raising children. You may not be able to handle all aspects of parenting, and your child may feel like they need a mother or father figure to chat about personal subjects. If you’re a single parent, you need to find a mentor that your teen feels comfortable speaking with. Relatives, friends and school guidance counselors can aid in helping teens with difficult topics they can’t speak to a single parent about.

3. Get Involved In Their Lives
Teens who get involved in extracurricular activities can better put their efforts to something positive instead of sitting around bored and waiting to cause trouble. If you notice that your teen has a talent for drawing, you can enroll them in an art class. If their passions lean toward athletics, you can help them get involved in football, soccer, gymnastics or baseball.

You can also keep them on the straight and narrow by incorporating friends and family members with children who can be positive role models for your teen. Doing things together such as going out for lunch, heading to a baseball game or shopping together can be helpful toward their direction in life.

4. Set Household Rules and Guidelines
So many parents today are concerned about being their child’s friend and afraid of setting rules and regulations. However, children need structure and to abide by household rules and guidelines that have been set by their parents. Proper regulations can instill respect to their elders, peers and school leaders.

You can also do this by setting a good example since teens learn by watching their parents. This is also a great time to have your teen set future goals for themselves and where they would like to be. Teen crime is on the rise and a critical problem in society today. Simple acts of defiance can lead them to more serious crimes such as robbery, arson and murder. Every parent need to take a proactive approach to raising their teens and provide them with firm, yet positive interaction.

Nadine Swayne offers this article to every parent that is trying to keep their children on the right path.


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