Holiday Family Traditions Ways To Create Great Memories

The Joy of Creating Holiday Family Traditions

Newlyweds or couples who have just welcomed a new baby into their family are on the brink of an exciting new adventure—one that promises to create a treasure trove of new holiday memories and family holiday traditions. Many people love to recreate cherished memories from their own childhoods, while others may want to put their own personal stamp on the holidays they’ll now share with their spouses and children. In either case, there are endless possibilities upon which to build timeless family traditions.

Deck The Halls And The House
Since the 1800s families have signaled the start of the Christmas holiday season within their own households by decorating a tree, winding evergreen garlands around the staircase banister, hanging lights, and adorning the front door with a wreath of holly. And today some families decorate their homes for Halloween as well, festooning doors, lawns, porches, and windows with eerie, glowing images of ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. Both traditions bring families together and engage the creative minds of young children.

Bake Holiday Goodies
Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and you can smell it—the delicious aroma of roasted and baked delights wafting from you mom’s kitchen. Pumpkin pies and turkey for Thanksgiving; a goose and a honey-baked ham for Christmas! Families create some of the most lasting memories of all over a hot stove. Young couples can begin to create their own gluten-free, organic goodies about which their little ones can tell their children not too long from now. Gathering the kids around a table to decorate and “sample” cookies, cakes, and pies—sweet dreams are made of these!

Shop Around The Corner
Many families count gift-giving as one of their most treasured Christmas holiday observances. Couples with new babies and toddlers especially enjoy this time of year as they shop for toys for their little ones; and the first stop on their shopping spree should be Bright Starts. What parent doesn’t love to watch their children rip away the wrapping and squeal with glee at the sight of a toy for which they have longed [and even hinted]? At moments like these, it’s easy for parents to embrace the idea that it is truly better to give than to receive.

Craft New Family Heirlooms
They may not string popcorn or drape peppermint canes over Christmas tree branches as families did in days past, but many families enjoy creating holiday crafts that become precious keepsakes.  Some parents decorate their Christmas trees with ornaments made by their children. Parents can help by making homemade play-dough, supplying Popsicle sticks and yarn, and supervising while their kids sprinkle glitter on their creations. These ornaments, as well as the memories made during their creation, can become valued parts of a family’s holiday traditions.

Share The Love With Grandma
For lots of families, the holidays—especially Thanksgiving and Christmas—just wouldn’t be complete without visiting grandma or other extended family members. For one brief moment, the hustle and bustle of the daily grind give way to the boisterous bliss of family time. Storytelling, picture-taking, sing-alongs, cheering a favorite football team on TV—this is the glue that binds families together over the holidays.

Newlyweds and new parents have a wealth of options from which to choose when creating their own holiday memories. Whether they embrace time-honored family traditions or create their own, holidays together are meant to be savored and cherished.

At the ripe old age of 60, writer LaGeris Underwood Bell is still an unabashed big kid when it comes to family time during the holidays. She wishes for all families—new, old, and in-between—a safe and happy holiday season.


We say thank you to LaGeris for sharing this great information on creating family traditions for holiday memories.


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