5 Romantic Ideas For Your First Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating your first wedding anniversary together is a really special moment. Getting past your first year as a married couple is a reason to have a big celebration and it is the perfect time to reflect your future together.

If you want to do something romantic on your first anniversary then here are some lovely ideas to consider.

1. Re-live Your Wedding Day

The best way to celebrate your first anniversary is by remembering your wedding day. If you have a wedding video it is a good time to watch it.

You could also go for a dinner to the restaurant or venue where you had your wedding and eat the foods you ate a year ago.

Some people even preserve the top of their wedding cake to eat on their wedding anniversary. This is a lovely tradition that you can do as well.

2. Walk Down The Memory Lane

It is really lovely to reminiscence your history together on your first anniversary. This is just the perfect time to think about your time together and all the fun you two have had.

If you are living in the city where you first met or perhaps had your first date you can spend the day walking down this memory lane. Visit the places that mean a lot to you two and really cherish the road you have taken together.

3. Invite Family And Friends

Perhaps you want to celebrate the big day together with your friends and family. One really nice idea is to ask both of your parents and siblings as well as your bride’s maid and best man for a lovely dinner. This is a nice way to show your gratitude for the people that helped you two have a lovely wedding.

You can go for a lunch together and remember the wedding day by watching videos and photos. This still gives you some special time to spend together later on that day as well.

4. Cook A Dinner Together

You could also spend the day together cooking a really big and fancy dinner. This is a nice way to spend some quality time together and cooking is something a lot of couples don’t have time to do during the normal working week. So plan for a really tasty menu with starters and dessert.

There are a lot of great romantic food recipes available online. Add a lot of nice spices like lemon and rosemary for your recipes, as these are great for adding some sensual touches to your food.

Make sure you also get a proper vintage wine as a gift for you two to really celebrate the day properly.

5. City Getaway

There are also a lot of romantic places around the world that you should visit together with your partner. It is a really lovely idea to start a tradition where you travel to a new destination every anniversary or for instance on your first wedding anniversary, 5th and 10th anniversary et cetera.

You can find great city getaway suggestions at Mr And Mrs Smith website for romantic holidays around the world. Your trip doesn’t need to be a long one either.

A two-day city holiday can often be enough to relax and recharge your batteries. 


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