10 Hobbies That Will Keep You Grounded In Recovery

Grounded in Recovery, Creating the New You

It can be easy to stay on track when recovering from any addiction if properly motivated. Developing personal skills and incorporating healthy activities into one’s lifestyle are surefire ways to stay grounded in recovery.

To continue to have success in recovery, one with a history of addiction is urged to find hobbies and activities to keep them positive and motivated to continue on the path of success. Getting involved in community activities, focusing on health and well being, and getting creative with free time are all things one can do to ensure success in recovering from any form of addiction.


It is important to get involved in the community. Getting involved in an anonymous group will give you the ability to build a network of contacts who are trying to succeed in recovery also. These people may be interested in getting together to do various community activities such as volunteering, starting a sober bowling league, or just meeting up for inspiration.

Volunteering is also an activity that can be done by oneself and also a healthy place to build contacts. Heading to the local library to delve into motivational, inspirational, and other interesting material is also beneficial to keeping on track. The library, local colleges, and local state works offices are helpful in providing resources and ideas to be active in one’s community.

Health and Well Being

Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen along with a natural sleep pattern will help one stay grounded in recovery. Drinking plenty of water is so beneficial to health and can help to stave off cravings of addiction. Also eating a balanced diet, organizing meals to be eaten at the same times every day, and constantly adding healthy fruits and vegetables to the diet will keep hormones and chemical levels of the brain in check. Getting physical exercise is necessary for healthy living as well.

One should get at least 0 minutes of heart healthy exercise per day, along with strength training exercises 3 to 4 times per week. Stretching and breathing exercises, such as yoga, are beneficial in centering energy and finding peace within. Joining a sport or attending some weekly physical activities with a group can help one make and keep healthy connections with others and one’s own physical wellbeing.

Below is a list of 10 activities that can help one stay grounded during recovery:

  1. Keep a journal or start a blog
  2. Do yoga and physical exercise
  3. Go to the local Library
  4. Read and develop knowledge
  5. Join a class
  6. Write a short story
  7. Write a song
  8. Join a gym
  9. Take on maintenance projects around the house
  10. Learn to do minor repairs/maintenance on cars

Getting Creative

To stay on the path to recovery, one should get creative with different activities to stay positive and grounded.  The above list of hobbies is just an outline. Find something inspiring and interesting and delve into it. Keep balance and a lot of perspective, because this will be a long journey. Everything should be done in moderation, and to stay on top of recovery, patience with oneself is key.  


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