Prepare a Home Schooled Child for College

Helping a home schooled child get into college. When you think of home education and young adults prepping for college, many would think that they would have problems with the transition. However, it can be easier for students educated at home to do better when going away to college than individuals who attended public school. The following are simple tips to prepare your home educated child for college. A child who has been taught personal values, social responsibility and educated on the follow-on dangers of unbecoming activities will at least have tools and permission to be able to act responsibly, use their judgment and fend off potential hazards.

Guidance Counseling

A parent can serve as the guidance counselor and start talking about college early on. They can also ask them pertinent questions such as what they would like to study and where they might want to go. You can also talk to the college admissions counselor to verify the specific requirements on courses and extra-curricular activities that a home schooled child may need. They can offer better advice than a high school counselor since they are associated with the prospective college. College scholarships are detrimental to the financing aspect of college; a counselor can help you to find what financing is available to your child.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Your child’s school application will look empty without your child being involved in extra-curricular activities within your community. A home schooled child should be just as involved as someone who attends a public school. Extra-curricular activities such as sports and music can look good on their college resume, so you need to get them involved early on. This can include items such as CPR at the local park district, wrestling or baseball for a neighborhood sports team and piano lessons. They should also be an integral part of the community through volunteer programs such as feeding the hungry at a homeless shelter, building homes and animal shelter organizations.

You can also get them used to being around other children by getting them involved in scouting programs. College is a place where many social activities occur on a daily basis; make opportunities for them to be around their same age peers often. Then it won't be such a shock when they encounter groups of teens when they arrive at the chosen university.

Opportunities to Practice Morality Since your child was schooled at home, going away from home for the first time is going to be an interesting experience for them. College campuses are typically wrought with alcohol, drugs, promiscuity and cheating. This could provide a certain amount of shock to their system unless you’ve instructed them on the various behaviors that they may come in contact with.

Whether or not they use the tools you've given them will be up to them. If they decide to experiment with drinking and experience a lapse in judgment, it's possible he or she will be arrested for driving under the influence. In Virginia, for those under the age of 21, they can be arrested if they have a blood alcohol content of .02% If this unfortunate event happens to your collegiate newbie, immediately contact an attorney such as found at url: to obtain legal counsel for their defense.

Exploring the Wonders of Diversity

As America is a melting pot, the college campus experience might be a rude awakening for someone who has been home schooled. In order to get your child used to working with other students outside their peer group, you need to expose them to other cultures. Education on humanity should start at an early age; different nationalities, genders and handicaps should be taken into account in your teaching. To ensure your child meets and engages with different types of people and ethnicities, step outside your comfort zone by giving back to the community and volunteering for a homeless shelter, or attend multi-cultural festivals and events.

A child who is home educated should be open to new experiences and environments when they go off to college. Ensuring that they make a successful transition comes with knowledge, preparation and respect.

Teresa Stewart enjoys learning about educational opportunities and writes on best ways to arm home schooled children for college.


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