Household Hazards 5 Things that can cause a lawsuit

Five household hazards that can be accidents waiting to happen

It is not unusual for a home owner to want to entertain at home. Inviting guests over is a great way to socialize and create memories. However, home owners need to be aware that there are potential risks involved when entertaining or allowing others, like service people, access to your home.

If there is any type of hazard, even one you may not have assumed to be a risk, and your guest is injured, you have the potential to be sued. One personal injury attorney San Bernardino based believes homeowners have a right to be concerned. "Some of the most frequent cases we see are injuries suffered on someone else's property.

When preparing for visitors, you should review the following common household hazards and make sure that you, and your guests, are protected,

Clear Walkways

Make sure that all of your walkways to and from the house are well lit and clear of any debris. This includes any overhanging vegetation or protruding limbs from the landscaping. While you're at it, make sure that all pathways are free from loose stones or rocks that could cause a slip or fall. You will also want to correct any uneven pavement. Make sure that the pathways are lit in some fashion if your guests will be arriving or departing at night. Not only does this protect your visitors from trip and fall accidents, it also gives them a sense of security in the dark.

2. Loose Carpeting

If you have carpeting or throw rugs around your home, make sure that they cannot easily be moved or cause someone to trip and fall. This is especially important around the entrance areas of a home, where rug wear can cause problems. Also, periodically check any carpeted stair treads. Make sure the carpet hasn't become loose and created a trip hazard.

3. Pool Safety

If you are entertaining guests at your pool, make sure there are safeguards in place, especially if children will be present. This is especially important in areas like southern California, where pools may be in use all year long. Appropriate safety measures might include a fence surrounding your pool, built to National Building Code standards and accessed only by a gate in good working order, special posted pool rules such as only swimming when an adult is present, and having rescue equipment nearby.

4. Water Temperature 

While you may be very fond of a super hot shower every night, your guests may find that the temperature is too hot when they are washing their hands. Some people will react to higher temperature water more severely than others. Make sure your water heater temperature is turned to a lower setting when you are entertaining.

5. Cooking Areas

You want to keep your guests away from the cooking areas, regardless if it is a formal indoor dinner or an outside BBQ. The potential for injuries in this area is the greatest. Slippery floors, hot stoves and grills, broken glass or plates, knives and other cooking instruments all place the home owner at risk.

In most cases, entertaining at home will result in nothing more than a really good time among friends. However, there is always a potential for injuries if you are not careful, and this could result in you being sued. If you're expecting visitors, take a few minutes to make sure that your property, both inside and out, is safe. A great evening with friends should never be ruined by a preventable household hazard. Richard Freeland lives in an older home and finds himself constantly repairing things to keep it safe for family, friends and visitors. We say thank you to our guest author for sharing this important article and helping us find ways to spot household hazards that may save us from a lawsuit.


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