Do you have or know someone who has a child with autism? Here is an interview about autism with a doctor who has an autistic child.

We decided to do this interview about autism when we came across a site that was created by a doctor with an autistic child. We were also intrigued by the title of the website. It was Our goal here at Everyday Wisdom, LLC is to help people create a better life for themselves by finding the ideas they need when they need them. There are many parents with autistic children. We wanted to help these people. Hopefully this interview will do just that.

The person we interview here is Valerie L. Richey, MD, ND. She created the website and has a child of her own who is autistic.

Everday Wisdom: Let's begin by you telling us your story about how it happen that you created your website on Autism and the Christian home?

Doctor Richey: As a parent of autistic children and as a physician, I want to share my knowledge and experiences with other parents. I want to empower them to be their own best teacher and best doctor for their own children on the autistic spectrum.

Everday Wisdom: How do you define autism?

Doctor Richey: Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder.

Everday Wisdom: If someone just discovered their child was autistic, what would you want them to know?

Doctor Richey: Treatments for autism are available and symptoms of autism can be improved.

Everday Wisdom: There are a lot of sites on autism. Your site is more refined in that you talk about autism in a certain context, in the Christian home. How does that make your site different?

Doctor Richey: I can relate to the problems that other parents with autistic kids are encountering. I can help these parents in a personal and relevant way.

Everday Wisdom: Do you think that the fact you are a doctor has made your experience having an autistic child different in any way from the experience of parents who do not have your training?

Doctor Richey: I think that we have similar experiences as parents of autistic children. However, my knowledge of medicine can help parents navigate throught the medical system and advocate for their child much better.

Everday Wisdom: What are some of the more pressing issues for parents with autistic children? How do you handle them?

Doctor Richey: We all want to see our kids reach their potential with minimal trials and tribulations. So, we search for answers. My site provides many of the answers.

Everday Wisdom: What does being a Christian mean to you?

Doctor Richey: As a Christian, I have hope for the future, comfort for today, and forgiven for yesterday.

Everday Wisdom: How do you handle the stress?

Doctor Richey: Not very well usually! I have cut back on work responsibilities and kids' activities. I exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, take Juice Plus and herbal supplements, and pray a lot! I try to take one day at a time and to remember that children are blessings and gifts from God.

Everday Wisdom: Is there one situation you find most challenging about having a child that is autistic?

Doctor Richey: I wish that I could take away their frustration.

Everday Wisdom: What do you feel is the greatest strength in regards to your child?

Doctor Richey: My children know God and Jesus.

Everday Wisdom: What is your opinion on how the media portrays autistic people?

Doctor Richey: The media does not really understand autism.

Everyday Wisdom: If there was one thing you wanted people who visit your website to take away with them, what would it be?

Doctor Richey: God has a purpose and plan for everyone. He has given us our children and he wants parents to "raise up a child in the way he should go." We can learn from others, but we are ultimately responsible for their treatment and education.

Everyday Wisdom: You have a free ezine that people can sign up to receive. Tell us a little about it.

Dortor Richey: I want to continue to provide visitors information about autism and natural health.

Everyday Wisdom: What else would you like people reading this article to know?

Doctor Richey: I will continue to add up-to-date pertinent information about autism, so I encourage visitors to check back periodically. I also have an RSS feed so that they can receive automated announcements about additions to the site. I would love to know any suggestions for improvements so that I may serve them better.

Everyday Wisdom: Thank you Doctor Richey.

Doctor Richey: You're welcome.

We hope you've enjoyed this interview about autism with Doctor Valerie Richey. You can visit her site by clicking on the following link:

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