Fend Off Mosquitoes and Small Bugs The Natural Way

Don't be bugged by mosquitoes

It seems like there’s a spray for everything that flies, creeps or crawls in your home and garden. If you want to protect yourself from pesky or dangerous bugs, but don’t want to put yourself or your family at risk or contaminate the environment with chemicals, try natural ways to deal with insect problems, both indoors and out.


Avoiding bugs is an effective natural way to deal with harmful insects such as mosquitoes and ticks. Avoid termite infestations with simple preventive measures such as sand barriers or metal shields for wood susceptible to termite damage. To prevent other types of infestation, avoid bugs whenever possible.

Areas to avoid:

  • Woods
  • Tall grass
  • Areas with stagnant, swampy water
  • Don’t sit on logs, lean on trees, or gather wood and hold it close to your body to carry it.
  • Stick to well-tended and cleared paths rather than walking in leafy or grassy areas harboring fleas, ticks, spiders and other bugs.

Protective Barriers

  • Keep them out of the house with screens.
  • Use mosquito netting over baby carriers and playpens.
  • Wear clothing to keep bugs out with long sleeves and pants tucked into socks, scarves and hats.

Keep Outside Areas Maintained

  • Keep all grass mowed, and remove weeds, leaves and twigs.
  • Don’t let water accumulate and stagnate anywhere on your property.
  • Ask neighbors to do the same to avoid buggy areas around your house.

Natural Applications

Avoid Products with Toxins like DEET and Try Natural Applications to Repel Bugs:

  1. Try applying baby oil or imitation vanilla extract to keep mosquitoes and blackflies from biting.
  2. Try garlic to keep bugs away, such as eating slivered garlic, garlic tablets or garlic juice.
  3. Use cider vinegar in the same way, either ingesting it or rubbing it on your skin. Try putting this natural repellant in a spray bottle to apply like commercial mosquito spray.
  4. Use fresh herbs such as peppermint, thyme, rosemary, geranium, cedarwood, wintergreen or lemongrass. Rub broken or crushed leaves on skin or steep crushed leaves in water to use in spray bottles.

Bug Bites and Stings

Severe, multiple bites and stings should receive medical treatment as soon as possible, but there are various natural treatments help relieve pain, swelling and itching from common bug bites and stings.


  • Pull upward gently to get a tick off of your skin, and avoid twisting so you don’t break the head or mouth parts under the skin.
  • Save the tick in a plastic bag or sealed cup for identification if you start to experience symptoms. Don’t flush it down the toilet — ticks don’t drown in water.
  • Clean the tick bite area with soap, water and disinfectant. Disinfect tweezers or needles used to extract ticks.

Bee Stings

  • Remove bee stingers if visible in the skin by scraping them with something like a credit card or knife. Don’t pinch or try to grasp the stinger because it will likely squeeze more venom into the skin.
  • Clean the skin around the sting with soap and water. Mix baking soda with water for a paste to apply to the bee sting area or wet mud. Let the paste dry on the painful area, then wash it off.
  • Ice or a cold pack helps reduce swelling.

Mosquito Bites

  • Mosquito bites can become very itchy, but avoid scratching as much as possible.
  • Treat mosquito bites with lemon juice, meat tenderizer or white vinegar to relieve itching and avoid scratching which may cause infection and scarring.
  • Cool compresses help sooth itchy, irritated skin rather than scratching.
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