New Baby Checklist 5 Ways To Plan Ahead

New baby checklist getting started out right

Nine months may seem like a lot of time to get ready for your baby to arrive, but you’ll be surprised at how quick the months will fly by. With room preparations, clothing, toys and infant gear, your head may be swimming at all of the possibilities. The following is a new baby checklist that can help you plan ahead for your new addition.

Decorate the Nursery

After the birth of your child, you want your child’s room to be ready to go the moment you bring them home. This can take a great deal of work ensuring that the nursery is stocked with the necessary equipment. From cribs and dressers to monitors and thermometers, you’ll have a host of items to gather. If you’re fortunate enough to have had a baby shower thrown for you, you can typically whittle down most of the essentials. This is also the ideal time to paint and decorate the nursery before your baby arrives.

Organize their Wardrobe

Whether you know the sex of the child or not, you can still organize your infant’s wardrobe with the most essential of items. Tiny hangers, stackable storage units and dressers can house most of their belongings. You’ll also need onesies, t-shirts, shoes, robes and sleeping garments. If you know the sex, you can also gather additional clothing that fits a boy or girl. Since infants outgrow their clothes faster than they wear them out, you can also ask other family members, friends and co-workers if they have infant clothes they are no longer using. This can be cost-efficient and help busy moms pass around children’s clothes from home to home.

Toys and Infant Gear

Your child’s infant months are the foundation for their future growth and development. That’s why it’s important to have the right toys and infant gear on hand. An activity gym, such as the Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Play Gym, is one of many much needed items that comes with an overhead toy bar to stimulate your child’s visual and sensory development. In addition to it being a safe and germ-free place for your child to play, they’ll find the colors, designs, lights and melodies to be beneficial for entertaining, grasping and playing. As they grow, the activity gym can be used for games of peek-a-boo and tummy time activities.

Baby Proof the Home

Your home can pose a series of safety hazards as your child grows. This is the ideal time to baby proof your dwelling to ensure they don’t encounter disasters. You can try crawling around on the floor to capture a view from their level. Outlet covers, cabinet protectors and safety corners placed on furniture are a few of your options.

Save, Save, Save

Your new infant will require additional monetary work and legalities. This is the ideal time to implement a budget and put aside money for infant expenses, college and life insurance. You should also get your legal obligations in order by putting together a will.

The birth of a child is a joyous occasion in a parent’s life. Having the essentials and necessary items on hand for when the baby arrives creates a lot less stress as your due date approaches. With a little planning and preparation, you can have a stress-free and happy homecoming for your new little one.

As a mother of 4, Lisa Coleman shares some ways that a parent can prepare in advance for the onset of the newest addition into the family.

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