Non Registered Sex Offenders...Use the Internet To Find Them

Search for Non Registered Sex Offenders Using The Internet
Every state has a registry of sex offenders. These offenders are required to register periodically with their state’s law enforcement officials and disclose pertinent information such as where they live and work, as well as the nature of their crime. However, as comprehensive as these registries are designed to be, many offenders fail to appear on these lists. Since these offenders are not registered, the public is not aware of their crimes nor the level of threat they present to the community.

When you want to find non-registered sex offenders, you may have more of a challenge ahead of you. Even so, there's help. You can use several methods to locate non-registered offenders living in your community.

Public Court Records

Many district courts publish their public records online. If you know the last names of your neighbors, coworkers, and other acquaintances, you can search these public records and discover if anyone with whom you come into regular contact has a criminal past and if so, what kind of crimes that individual committed. While most states keep exceptional records on their offenders, mistakes still happen.

If an individual's address or that of your neighbor is listed in the sex offender registry, you can use public court records to verify whether or not they are an offender. Likewise if their address is listed in error, you can notify the state about the address being listed wrongfully in the registry.

Online Neighborhood Watch Groups

While many neighborhoods form their own watch groups, some groups also choose to raise awareness online. National watchdog groups now have websites where people can register their addresses and be notified via email or text message when an offender moves into their area. While these watchdog groups sometimes cannot provide details about the offender’s name or crime, they can indicate how close to a member’s home that individual is moving. Sometimes they provide the offender’s new address, complete with house number and street name.

County Sheriff Warrants Lists

Most sheriffs’ offices across the country publish their warrant lists online. These online records allow the public to be aware of offenders in their neighborhoods and claim rewards if they turn in people who have outstanding warrants. While some offices do not publish offenders’ crimes, other sheriffs’ offices detail offenses for which each person on the list is wanted.

People who are on the lookout for non registered sex offenders perhaps not yet registered with the state’s comprehensive list can find offenders through their local sheriff’s office warrant records. This list, however, should be considered with the assumption that each offender perhaps has not yet appeared in court for the listed charge. A person wanted on a sex offender charge may not yet be convicted of that crime. Even so, this information can help you be proactive in keeping your family and your home safe.

Be prepared to accept that though every state has a sex offender’s registry that ideally should keep accurate tabs on people convicted of sexual crimes, publicly documented mistakes still happen. If you or someone you know has been added to a state sex offender's registry in error, contact a skilled attorney to protect your rights and to protect your family and home from actual sexual predators flying below the radar, through the pursuit of accuracy in public records.

In recent history there have been challenges to state non-registered sex offenders registries posed in New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and Georgia, to provide a sampling. Offenders sometimes fail to register out of concern that their constitutional rights are being violated after serving time, or people’s addresses are wrongly listed on these registries.

Candace Bazile is a citizen's safety blogger, working the grassroots community angle to provide insight and resources for proactive involvement in making our cities safer, without violating citizens' rights.

We want to Thank Candace Bazile for sharing this information on finding Non registered sex offenders


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