Five Uses For Your Nursing Pillow

Dont Throw Away Your Nursing Pillow...Here are some ideas for additional use.

Some baby items serve practical purposes for years, while others have a very short-lived useful period. To extend the life and use of your baby items, think outside the box. There are often creative ways to reuse them. Nursing is an important way to bond and nourish your baby and a special pillow can be helpful to use during breastfeeding. But it can also be used in various other ways. 

Tummy Time
Doctors and nurses will advise you of the importance of tummy time for your baby. You can prop them up for tummy time on the floor with your pillow. They will enjoy the gentle elevation and not having their faces so close to the hard surface of the floor. Why purchase a separate tummy-time pad when you can use something you already have? 

Giving Baby a New Perspective
If your baby is able to sit up, but isn't very steady, position them snugly encircled within the pillow. As long as they can support their own head, they will enjoy being able to sit up this way. Doing so allows your baby to see the world from a different angle than what he or she sees during tummy time or when being held. 

Mom's Neck Support
You may have received the advice to sleep when baby sleeps. If you have your this pillow handy, you can position it around your neck and catch up on some sleep while baby is napping, too. It is easy to carry around and can help you nap comfortably while sitting up, not just in your bed. Many parents even find it a comfortable neck support to use while lounging and reading or watching television.

Sleep Support During Pregnancy

If you already have a pillow from a previous pregnancy, or you bought one ahead of time, you may find it very comfortable to use in the last trimester. Some women specially purchase long pillows to prop their legs or hug and hold onto when sleep becomes uncomfortable. Instead of buying a separate type of pillow, simply use the nursing one.

Pet Pillow
If you are finished using your nursing pillow for your children, you can pass it along to another expectant mother, or to your family pet. Many small dogs and cats enjoy nesting in a comfortable bed or pillow. Various pillow slip covers are available, so you can even purchase one to coordinate with the room where your dog or cat typically sleeps. 
It is satisfying to be able to continue using a baby item, especially when babies outgrow everything from toys to clothing and shoes so quickly. Extend the investment of your pillow by choosing from the various alternate uses described above. If you hold onto it and brainstorm, you will probably think of many more useful purposes! 
Catherine Harris is a freelance writer and mother of two who tries to save money on the kids' stuff whenever possible. At comfort and harmony nursing pillow, there is a selection of affordable nursing pillows from which to choose, whatever your intent.


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