Peppermint Oil

York Peppermint patties, Brach’s starbursts, Lindor Dark Chocolate covered mints and candy canes all are enjoyed everyday of the year, the refreshing minty taste is known around the world. While we enjoy this as candy, there are so many benefits yet to be discovered about this miracle herb for its medicinal uses.

Early history writings record this as possibly one of the first herbs used for its health benefits. It was used in China, Japan, ancient Rome and Egypt. Records indicate that this herb was well known as a healing herb centuries ago.

Pluto adored and fell in love with the mythology nature nymph Mentha, that was transformed into the herb so people for centuries could feel the love that Plato had for her. People from different areas as well as cultures have used this fragrance to welcome other people into their presence. Everyone loves a good love story, but we also love getting information that will help us live a healthier life.

What are the Benefits of Peppermint?

This herb is an excellent source of copper, manganese, and vitamin C. It has an antioxidant, analgesic anti edema and radio-protective properties. Its pleasant aroma has a cooling and calming effect.

Allergy Relief:
By relaxing muscles in your nasal passages, pollen and mucus is allowed to pass helping you to breathe easier. This is also effective for asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs and sinusitis. Mix it together with eucalyptus oil, lemon oil or clove oil to help overcome severe allergy symptoms.

ADHD Support:
For children suffering with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) place a drop on the child's tongue, on their clothing or directly under the nostrils. This will help with added alertness and the ability to concentrate on things at task.

Digestive System:
Because of its antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal properties it can be used for treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), heartburn, indigestion, nausea, morning sickness, bad breath, cramps, vomiting, reduce gas and help prevent diarrhea.

Cancer related treatments:
Peppermint oil can be substituted for other chemotherapy induced nausea and can help control hot flashes for breast cancer patients.

Treatment of Herpes Infections:
When applied topically because of its lipophilic properties it passes easily through the skin making it a very beneficial treatment for recurring Herpes infections. When used on shingles patients have found relief from the pain.

Muscle Pain Relief:
Studies show that when used topically it can sooth aching muscles and joints, acting much like a pain killer. It may be the combination of the oil and the massaging getting the oil onto the sore muscles. Under medically studied guided towards Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) and Fibromyalgia, the use of peppermint oil provided some relief for the patients; other oils such as Capsaicin, Eucalyptus and menthol were also effective.

Fever Reducer:
The cooling effect helps reduce high fevers simply by mixing it with coconut oil then rubbing it on the neck, temples and the bottoms of a persons feet will help stabilize and help reduce their fever.

Natural Bug Repellent:
For a safe and natural pest control spiders, ants, roaches, lice, mosquitoes, rats and mice are repelled by the aroma. A clean effective way to protect your home without the dangers of chemicals. A drop or two on the back of your hands and neck will also protect you while you are outside from insect bites.

Reduce Hunger Cravings:
Before each meal you can apply several drops on your temples, chest or throat. This will give you a sense of being full and helping reduce the intake of food. If you are dining at a restaurant before you enter take several deep sniffs from the bottle. This will help but will not be quite as effective as adding drops topically.

Itch Relief:
Have you gotten into poison oak, poison ivy, sumac, stinging nettles and the itch is driving you crazy. Mix lavender oil and peppermint oil together to help relieve the burning and itching.

Hiccup relief: Rubbing a little oil to the back of the neck along the vertebrae is an effective treatment for hiccups.

Nausea or Motion Sickness:
Massaging a few drops on your lower abdomen, wrists and temples will help with nausea and motion sickness. This may also be effective for altitude sickness.

While peppermint oil is a safe herb there are times that it could have adverse effects for those with sensitivities. Children under the age of seven should not use unless it is diluted. Nursing mothers may see a decrease in milk production. People with Diabetes may risk low blood sugar. Those suffering from gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) may find that the oil relaxes the sphincter between the stomach and throat allowing acid into the esophagus.

Overall the effectiveness of Peppermint oil has shown how beneficial this herb can be. With its being natural, it is perfect for an everyday use herb without the side effects of drugs and chemicals.

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