Personal Injury Attorney The Most Important Questions to Ask

Choosing a Personal Injury Attorney: The Most Important Questions to Ask

It’s an unfortunate truth that most individuals will be involved in quite a few accidents in their lives, and what’s worse is the fact that some of these accidents can cause serious injuries. What makes these incidents even more disheartening is when they happen because another individual was acting in a negligent manner. If this is the case, it’s important to pick out a good personal injury attorney to handle the matter; but everyone should know that there are a few specific questions that they should ask before hiring a certain lawyer.

“Do you have experience in cases like mine?”

This is an essential question that should never go unasked. The simple fact is that an attorney can be the greatest “elder law” attorney in the world and still be ill equipped to handle an auto accident case. Asking this question will help an individual find out whether their attorney is experienced in helping people get compensation in their specific situation.

At this point, many people realize that an attorney may exaggerate on their experience in a certain field, and this is why it also never hurts to ask for references from individuals who had similar cases that the attorney handled.

“Are you a legal specialist?”

Many state bars will certify attorneys as “legal specialists” in certain areas of law. These specialties can stem from everything from Social Security law to criminal law. When it comes to personal injury attorneys, a lawyer may have a specialty certification in issues related to elderly law, worker’s compensation law or even auto accident law.

These certifications aren’t just handed out randomly. If an attorney has a specialty in an area that directly relates to a person’s personal injury, it’s likely that they’ll present the best case possible.

“What outcome do you expect to achieve?”

This question is important to see if an attorney is on the same page as their potential client. If a client wants to fight for maximum compensation but their attorney simply wants to settle for a typically fair amount, the relationship may not work out well. It’s important in these situations, however, to not dismiss the attorney’s advice, whether they are a Charleston personal injury lawyer  or one from New York. They may have a great deal of experience, and if they make a specific recommendation, there may likely be a good reason behind it.

“Who will be handling my case?”

We’ve all seen commercials with well-dressed attorneys promising potential clients the absolute best outcome in their cases. Upon hiring these attorneys, however, many people quickly find out that they’re not going to be represented by these hotshot attorneys but rather by one of their junior attorneys.

While junior attorneys may still be adept at what they do, they will not have the experience showcased by the initial interviewing legal professional. This should be a huge factor in hiring a certain lawyer since the individual may only be hiring an attorney’s name.

Additionally, it’s important to know who the point of contact will be. Will a person talk directly to their attorney or have to go through a paralegal? This is essential so that a person knows whether they’ll be comfortable with the attorney-client relationship.

There are an abundance of great attorneys out there; the hard part is recognizing these attorneys when they come along. Luckily, simply asking the right questions can increase a person’s chances of choosing a good lawyer. These questions will ensure that an individual has all of the right information to hand select a legal professional that is experienced, knowledgeable and ready to handle their case.

Author and artist Molly Pearce often writes on the subjects of law and human rights. We want to thank guest author for sharing this information on choosing a personal injury attorney. We hope that you will always remain injury free,but just in case, we do hope that this information will be of assistance to you.


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