Pesticides Around your Pets: Ways to Keep Them Safe

Using pesticides is the best way to keep your lawn healthy, but it also comes with several potential health risks. For example, children are extremely susceptible to the negative impact that certain chemicals can have on people, and pets are also much more likely to get ill than healthy adults. Because of this, you should always consult with a professional landscaping company to ensure that you utilize the best ones that are safe for your pets. Additionally, the following tips are some steps a person can take to help keep their pets safe.

1. Remove Toys

Leaving any toys or food dishes in the yard could cause your pet to become contaminated. After all, even the safest pesticides are not meant to be chewed on, and it is also possible that your children could end up playing with your pet's toys. Therefore, it is vital to go through your lawn before each pesticide application to make sure that everything has been safely put away.

2. Avoid Going Outdoors

The technicians that apply the necessary chemicals will be able to let you know how long you should keep your pets and children off of the lawn. The technicians are specially trained to give advice for such situations. One Atlanta lawn care company provides special training and requires all their technicians to be fully trained with a pesticide certification for these reasons.

Following these guidelines might be cumbersome, but it is the best way to ensure that your pets do not end up experiencing any medical issues as a result of the pesticide application. If you have a dog that goes outside on a regular basis, you might want to consider taking them to a dog park to help them get their daily exercise while the treatment is being applied.

3. Keep Your Pets Inside

It is never a good idea to let your pet outside during a the treatment, even if they do not actually go on the lawn. In other words, as soon as the landscape company arrives at the property, you will need to either keep your dog inside or take them to an alternative location.

4. Notify Professional about your Pets

Letting the professional landscaper know if you have pets and children is the best way to keep everyone safe. After all, adults do not deal with pesticides in the same way that animals and children do, so it is vital to use a different type of application. Make sure that you inform the company in advance so that they are prepared to use the proper treatment when they arrive.

5. Avoid Applying the Treatment Yourself 

Many homeowners choose to do their own treatment, and this can be okay if there are no children or pets in the house. However, this option should no longer be considered if you have a four-legged companion that goes outside. Instead, you should rely on a professional company that uses certified technicians to minimize your pet's risk of exposure.

Keeping your pets safe should be a top priority when you decide to get your lawn treated for pests. After all, pets are a member of the family, and you would never willingly spray chemicals on your child's favorite toys. Therefore, you should provide the same level of protection for your pets.

As a pet owner herself, Lisa Coleman understands the importance of protecting our beloved pets from harm, including pesticide treatments. Whether it is a Chicago or Atlanta lawn care specialist, hiring a local professional landscaper is a great way to ensure your pet's well-being.


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