5 Ways Great Public Relations Can
Catapult Your Small Business

Public relations can make or break your business

Anyone who's ever tried it knows that running a business can be a difficult endeavor. From managing stock to ensuring that payroll is correct before end-of-year taxes, the work that goes into being successful is literally daunting. One part of running a business that many individuals overlook, however, is public relations (PR). This can be a disastrous mistake, and once a business owner recognizes the benefits of great PR, they usually start focusing on it more often.

1. Increased Sales

One of the favorite PR benefits of most business owners is the increased sales that come along with the campaign. Putting the company into a positive light in the public eye opens the door for notoriety and increased business. Just a bit of media relations can easily land a mention in a local newspaper article, and once this great type of promotion gets out, the sales usually come rolling in.

2. Industry Leader

A great PR campaign can also put a company in the position to become viewed as a thought leader in the industry. When citizens recognize that a business is respected in the community, they often assume it's because of the skill and expertise of those at the company. Unfortunately, this can be difficult for a business owner to manage while handling the rest of their daily duties.

This leads many individuals to outsource their PR needs. Whether searching for PR firms in Atlanta Georgia or Los Angeles California, these professionals are skilled at achieving great public relations while allowing the company to focus on what they do best. Outsourcing a company's public relation needs when it comes to branding and marketing management is a proven way to increase a small business's profit margin.

3. Distinguishing Company

Another awesome benefit of a good PR campaign is the fact that it distinguishes a company from their competition. When the public really knows about a company, they recognize what's special about that specific company. Even in cases where multiple companies have the same benefit, it only matters what's seen in the public eye. If four companies in an area offer money back guarantees, the only company that will actually benefit from this is the one that the public hears about.

4. Complements Advertising

In addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, good public relations can also complement an advertising or promotional campaign. Most individuals watch commercials and quickly forget what they've seen by the middle of their show. If a company already has a spot carved out in an individual's head, however, the advertising from the company that they see will stick out in their mind. They'll say, "Hey, that's the company that..." This type of popularity in the public can go a long way.

5. Recognizing Impending Difficulties

Having a good relationship with the media, customers and other members of the general public can alert a business owner of impending potential disasters; and this information can be invaluable. When the price of oil recently skyrocketed, for instance, many builders were able to alert the public of the effect that these prices would have on production. This allowed them to write contracts that allowed for possible increases while ensuring that the public understood the need.

A great public relations campaign is a huge factor in taking a company to the top. Those who overlook this essential responsibility are often left wondering how their great business idea and stellar acumen could've ended in failure. Luckily, this doesn't have to be the case for an up-and-coming business. With the right focus on public relations, there's no limit to the heights a company can reach.

Lisa Coleman shares some ways that great PR can help a small business grow. She recently researched some PR firms in Atlanta Georgia and read about how they could professionally manage a business's PR through detailed research and strategic and marketing communications.


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