The Growing Issue of Road Rage: 

Everyday we face the possibilties of being involved with road rage.

Many people love hitting the open road to head out on road trips across the state or country, but when it comes to everyday commutes, driving can be one of the most stressful aspects of a person's day. Sadly, this often leads to aggressive driving and road rage. Most individuals in America admit to having participated in or experienced road rage incidents at some point in their lives, so it's a very real danger that people face on the streets. Because of this danger, it's imperative to understand the risks of road rage incidents.

Road Rage in a Nutshell

Road rage has recently been back in the news since the September 2013 Manhattan motorcycle road rage incident that left a man severely beaten in the streets. Unfortunately, this wasn't an isolated event. In fact, statistics from the American Automobile Association (AAA) show that road generated rage incidents steadily increased during the '90s. Unfortunately, this increase didn't stop there.

Further research performed by the Washington Post also revealed disheartening statistics related to road rage. In their study, they found that the number of drivers who felt road rage actually doubled between 2005 and 2013. Sadly, these statistics aren't just numbers; the consequences ofangry drivers can be tragic.

Consequences of Road Rage

In the aforementioned Manhattan case, the driver of the vehicle that was attacked by numerous motorcyclists suffered serious injuries. Sadly, this poor driver isn't the only victim injured throughout each year. In fact, AAA statistics show that in previous years, there have been upwards of 13,000 injuries related to road rage incidents. Unfortunately, around 1,500 of these events result in serious injuries or death.

Obtaining legal representation is absolutely essential when you have become a victim of a road rage incident.  It is stated online at that "This is a competitive field and it doesn’t hurt to consult with more than one attorney before you make your decision." When seeking counsel from a personal injury attorney you should be sure they have experience and a proven track record of prior road rage cases.

How to Handle Road Rage Incidents

The best way to handle a road rage incident is to avoid it altogether. It may seem difficult to control how other drivers are feeling, but there actually are a few things that every driver can do to decrease the chances that they'll have to face off with an aggressive and angry driver. It's first essential to always use turn signals. Everyone knows that bit of annoyance they get when the person in front of them turns without using a blinker. Unfortunately, some people don't handle this annoyance as well as others, so it's best to avoid making another driver angry.

It's also essential to not engage in other activities that could cause anger behind the wheel. These activities include:

  • Tailgating
  • Abrupt lane changes
  • Aggressive use of car horn
  • Cutting others off in traffic
  • Purposefully slamming on brakes due to another car following closely

Unfortunately, even after following the aforementioned tips, some people will still fall victim to aggressive drivers. It's essential at this point to just let the driver move along and not retaliate. If they engage in pursuit, however, it's important to call the cops and drive towards the nearest police station.

If one of these individuals causes an accident due to their rage, on the other hand, the victim should contact an auto accident attorney after making a police report. These legal professionals are adept at proving fault in accidents, and in road rage incidents, they'll likely be able to get additional punitive damages due to the malicious nature of the other driver's behavior.

Unfortunately, road rage can result in serious accidents, malicious assaults and sadly, even deaths. Because of this, it's absolutely essential for individuals to avoid acting aggressive behind the wheel. Unfortunately, even the most pleasant and friendly drivers can become victims of road rage incidents, and when this occurs, it's important to file a police report and hire a car accident attorney. The law is set up to protect innocent civilians from aggressive drivers, but if a victim doesn't actively seek legal help, it's likely that they'll remain just a victim.

Researcher and legal writer, Lisa Coleman shares the overwhelming numbers and facts about drivers rage today.


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