Are Runners Dying to Stay Fit? 5 Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

Are Runners Dying to Stay Fit? 5 Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

Running is a relatively safe activity that can burn lots of calories and help an individual stay in top shape. However, there are still perils related to this exhilarating activity that running enthusiasts need to take into consideration before navigating the next open trail or busy street.

5 Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

1) Bright Clothing and Reflectors

A woman in St. Cloud, Florida was hit by a car while running at around 9:45 p.m. and killed. The driver of the vehicle failed to see her running along the roadway because of her dark clothing. Bright clothing and built-in reflectors attached to the outer layer of your jacket, shirt or pants can alert drivers to your presence.

Unfortunately, this has become an all-too-common occurance for runners and motorist. Oftentimes victims of these accidents will seek professional advice and resources to help weight their options. For instance, Florida injured runners or motorist involved in an accident might consult with an accident lawyer Miami group or other state legal representative to litigate their case. 

Most running shoes and jackets already have reflectors attached to them, but you’ll find that more is better. A reflective running vest is an added bonus and can help you remain noticeable during the early morning and dusk time hours of the day.

2) Never Run Alone at Night

No matter how many times you’ve run the same path, you should never run alone at night. A running group or running partner can help you remain safe no matter where you go. You should also be prepared with a small can of pepper spray attached to your running jacket. This can help prevent an attack from both animals and criminals.

3) Avoid Distractions

Traveling a winding trail can be mesmerizing, especially after a long day at the office. Safe running includes avoiding distractions and becoming alert to your natural surroundings. You may need the help of an electronic source to get through a long and difficult run, but it can be distracting and cause a serious accident.

Ear buds and listening to music can tune out important noises. It can also make it difficult to pay attention to traffic on the road, unleashed dogs and cyclists navigating a pathway. Your playlists should be saved for treadmill runs instead.

4) Defensive Running

Never assume that a driver is going to stop or handle the wheel of their vehicle safely. Unfortunately, many drivers are balancing a number of things such as texting, talking on their cellphones, reading their GPS and listening to the radio.

Before you cross the street, you need to double check that the coast is clear. You can also limit your runs to areas that are well-lit and limited with traffic such as parks, sidewalks and paths.

5) Identification

In case of an emergency or accident, you’ll want to have your identification and insurance cards on hand. The card should have a name and phone number for emergency purposes. This can either be kept tucked safely in your coat pocket or attached to your shoe lace.

Many runners jog with their cellphones attached to their running belt where the list of important emergency numbers can be displayed easily in case of an accident.

Running is an invigorating and fun sport enjoyed by many. In order to ensure your safety, you need to adhere to the above tips and trust your instincts. If something feels uncomfortable and dangerous, you need to go in the other direction.

Jamica Bell is a freelance writer with a house full of runners. She understands the importance of incorporating safety tips to avoid preventable accidents.


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