Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast?

It is not a good idea to skip breakfast

Have you ever said these lines? “I don’t think I’m hungry this early!” or “I’m on a rush! I’ll eat later at lunch instead”. You better put these thoughts aside because these would not do you any good. Everyone has to eat breakfast regularly, every single morning that we wake up because it is where you will get your energy to jump start your busy day.

Eating breakfast gives you energy. Nutrition professionals recommend that 25 percent of the required daily food intake must be allotted for breakfast. Aside from breaking the fasting that took place while you were asleep, it gives the body enough energy to sustain the activities throughout the day.It supplies the brain and the body the energy and nutrients you need to function well.

Eating breakfast will set you in a good mood. Having a nutritious breakfast in the morning signals your brain that you are not being starved, making you feel good and energized up until lunch time. With that, no more grumpy mornings and mood swings!

Breakfast helps you achieve those curves and muscles you’re aiming for. How? By eating a healthy breakfast, it gives your body sufficient energy to go through a heavy workout at the gym and the protein-rich foods like eggs and milk are great breakfast staples that will help you build and repair muscle tissues.So before hitting the gym, go and eat your breakfast first.

When we skip breakfast, we tend to eat more during lunch which gives us the extra calories that could add up to our weight.Breakfast stimulates the body’s ability to convert food into energy. And when the body started converting food into energy, it starts to burn calories as well. Skipping breakfast triggers you to eat unhealthy snacks or foods that are high in calories within the day to satisfy your hunger. This makes the body feel even hungrier and tells the brain to eat more.

Also, children who eat breakfast tend to do well in school, help them focus in class and decrease hyperactivity according to experts. It gives children the mental advantage to become alert and perform better in school. Eating breakfast also helps the children to avoid eating junk food and fast food which can make them overweight when they reach adolescence until adulthood. Make sure to become creative in dealing with children’s meals to prevent “taste fatigue” and encourage healthy food choices. Sufficient intake of fluid is also a must like water, milk, and fresh fruit juices.

Now you know that breakfast is indeed a must, maybe your next question would be “what is a good breakfast?” Breakfast should compose of healthy carbohydrates and small amount of fats for source of immediate energy;protein and fiber to give you the feeling of fullness, this would also help avoid food cravings and overeating.

Not only breakfast must be taken regularly. The other meals of the day must also be consumed in a timely manner to provide sufficient source of energy. This will help stabilize your energy level all throughout the day as well as maintain focus and alertness in school or at work. Remember also that, kids are not the only ones that need breakfast on a regular basis;each one of us have to eat breakfast to maintain optimum health. 

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