Social Media Tips For Bloggers

What are Social Media Tips?
Social media is very useful for many bloggers when it comes to driving traffic and building a huge audience. Many social networks have become an effective way to promote brands, get more clicks and conversions since it is easier to attract huge following on them. However, many bloggers still have no clue on how to make the most out of these social networks. So, some useful social media tips for bloggers are outlined below.

Join Blogger Groups on Social Networks
Every social network has several blogger groups which can be quite resourceful when it comes to solving any blogging issues. Once you join these groups, you will learn various useful ways to make your blogging successful from veteran bloggers who have successful blogs. You will read other blogs and find great ideas which you can use to make your blog more unique or even start new blogs with a new concept. You could also share your blogging issues with other bloggers and get useful advice on how to solve your blog problems.

Re-post Other Blogger's Content
Re-post, retweet, re-pin or generally share other bloggers content on social networks. When sharing other bloggers' content you are not only promoting their content but also promoting your own profile to your followers who might in turn promote it by sharing links to your profile for the post. If people on your network love the interesting content from other bloggers that you are sharing, then there is a high chance that they will frequently visit your profile and your blog for more interesting content. Besides, when you share other blogger's content; they are also likely to return the favor and share your content as well.

Promote your Personal brand
How can you do this? You can do this by always using your username on all your social networks. Consistently use the same username on your Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pinterest and so on. People are more likely to connect to you easily across all the social media platforms which are ideal way to get a huge online following and great amounts of traffic to your blog.

Have Share Buttons on Your Blog
Ensure that at the end of your posts, you have those social media share buttons displayed so that your readers can share your content on their social media profiles. This will definitely give more exposure to your site. Look for a way of inserting these share buttons because all blogging platforms have them. Install them before you write your first post.

Use Catchy Descriptions for Your Social Media Content
It is important to make your readers curious by enticing them with a description that promises great content. A catchy title is never enough but a description will accomplish more. It is very effective link bait and all your social network followers are likely to click on and read the content.

Open Social Network Accounts for Every Blog
There is an advantage when doing this. Doing this is free and even though it is time consuming you will get more followers and traffic and are likely to convert your readers into fans and vice versa. Besides you are promoting your personal brand as well.

Be Consistent
Never stay dormant if you want to achieve that huge number of traffic on your blog. Even when you feel you are not attracting a huge audience despite your great efforts, never waver in your consistency. Keep posting content on your social networks and you will develop new relationships even if they take too long to come to fruition. Besides, you will keep yourself up to date on current industry news and get new ideas for your future posts.

Don't Force Yourself to Get More Followers
You don't have to follow people to get more followers. This is not the ideal way of building your online community. Make your content interesting and your ideas unique; let your personality show in your posts and sound vibrant and people will love your content and follow you. If you follow people just to have them follow you back, you are only accumulating non-targeted people in your online network that might not be beneficial to you especially if you are blogging for business.

Always Use Link Shorteners
Twitter is one platform that will shorten your links which is absolutely better than those long links that don't really matter even on other social networks. Using a link shortener will help you have access to important information. You will know how many people accessed your content via the link and at what time. This way you will know the time when traffic is at its peak and make the most out of it. Be Patient Building a loyal online community takes time. As you indulge in the efforts of attracting readers to your blog through the social networks, remember that it won't happen overnight. Good things take time and you will have to gradually form relationships with your targeted audience and have they become loyal readers. This post has been contributed by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about SEO. She recommends Submitcore for providing best Guest Posting Service.
We want to say thank you to Tressy for sharing this great information on Social Media Tips, if you are a fellow blogger this information is very valuable.

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