Stall Tactics Insurance Companies Use

Stall Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Avoid Paying Workman's Compensation

When you are hurt on the job, you expect your employers workman's compensation insurance to step up and pay your claims. However, you could be in for an uphill battle after you submit the claim and wait for the insurance company to pay your medical bills and compensate you for lost wages. Worker’s compensation insurance companies operate in a similar manner like insurance companies that provide auto and home insurance.

The agents with these companies have an ultimate goal of making as much money for their employers as they can and keeping the amount of money that is paid out in claims as small as possible. As you await your claims to be considered and paid out, it would benefit you to investigate the ways insurance companies try to avoid paying claims, and see what you can do to make sure your claim is properly addressed.

Stall Tactics

Stalling is a favorite tactic used by worker’s compensation insurance companies. After they receive your paperwork, your claim may be passed among countless agents before it receives proper attention. Each agent who sees your paperwork will undoubtedly fail to communicate his or her opinion of the case to the next agent who gets your file. This miscommunication and stall tactics are designed to make sure your claim gets dragged through the process and is put off being paid for as long as possible. As frustrating as it is for you to go through, the insurance company relishes in it because they get to avoid paying you your money.

Low Settlement Offers

When your claim finally gets recognized and processed, the insurance company can still tie up the process by offering you a ridiculously low settlement. The agent handling your case expects you to turn down that offer and request another settlement amount. Once you deny that offer, the process starts all over again of your case file being handled by countless agents and supervisors. When your case is reviewed again, it is likely you will be offered another paltry settlement, with the hopes of you turning it down again. This cat-and-mouse game between you and the insurer is meant to delay paying the claim for as long as possible.

Outright Denial

Of course, the ultimate way that insurance companies avoid paying is just by saying “no.” An outright denial means that your claim has been denied and that the insurance company is not going to pay you anything. They will not even make an offer to give you a measly settlement. The agent handling your case may offer you any range of reasons for why your case was denied. These reasons include:

• You were not actually hurt at work.
• You were hurt engaging in activity for which you were not certified or licensed.
• Your pain is minimal, and you can return to work immediately.
• You were not injured at all; you are making a false claim against the company.

These reasons are meant to stall the case and avoid paying you any money at all. Rather than give into your anger and frustration by giving up the case, you would fare better to hire an attorney to help you.

Hiring an Attorney

When you hire representation to help you, whether they are a workmans comp lawyer in Michigan or California, this professional can come to your rescue and go up against this insurance company for you. Your lawyer will know all of the insurance company’s favorite tactics to use against your case and in return use legal tactics to force the company to address your case  seriously. In the end, you will get the settlement you deserve, and you can focus on recovering and moving on with your life.

After you are hurt at work, you should not have to beg for the proper compensation from your insurance company. Rather than fall victim to all of the company’s favorite stall tactics, you can win your case by hiring an attorney.
As an author with a wide variety of employment experience, Molly Pearce shares this article to remind reader's of the importance of knowing their employer's workman's compensation policies. She often writes on the topics of health, law, and human rights.


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