Swimming Safety Tips...Keep Your Children Safe.

Lets go swimming!

When the weather gets hot, the hot seek out cool waters, just like they have for centuries before. Going for a swim is source of fun for many, but it can also be dangerous, so before heading out for a day in the sun, or even to your local indoor pool, make sure that you know how to remain as safe as possible.

Know The possible Dangers

Every day, nine people drown in the United States and countless more are injured in water-related accidents. More children drown in residential pools than community pools, but statistics have shown that 19 percent of all childhood drowning deaths took place at a public pool with a lifeguard on duty. The only way to ensure that you and your kids remain safe is to be your own lifeguard.

In the event you do have an incident resulting in injury at your local swimming pool you will want to consult with legal representation, whether that means an Atlanta Georgia personal injury attorney or one from Colorado. There are too many variables that could result in you no being properly compensated for you or your family's injuries.

Help Your Kids Swim From a Young Age

Your children should always be supervised while in the pool, but if they are good swimmers, the chances of one of them getting hurt is far less. Begin teaching your kids how to swim during their infancy. By the time they are older, you will feel much better about their abilities to stay safe in the water.

Teach and Enforce Proper Rules

Learning how to follow rules is a staple of childhood development, and when it comes to pool safety, paying attention the rules is more important than ever. Teach your children to always seek adult supervision before attempting to swim, and emphasize that this includes your home pool. Remind your kids that there is no running around the pool and that all water slides, balls and other pool toys must be used the way they were intended to. It's best to put away all pool toys while they aren't in use, as seeing the toys floating in the water can entice small children to jump in after them.

Consider Putting Up A Fence

Drowning is the most common accidental cause of death for young children, and pool fences have been shown to decrease drownings by as much as 90 percent. If you have young children, you should absolutely consider putting up a fence. You may think that your children will not go outside to swim without your permission, but it only takes one incident for something terrible to happen. A proper fence with a locked gate and a key that remains in your possession is the best way to keep your children safe.

Be Prepared For an Emergency

If you don't currently know how to perform CPR, it's time to learn. If you were to walk outside and discover your child floating in the pool, you would have to pull them out, run back inside, call 911 and then wait for the ambulance to arrive. This could take as long as 10 minutes, and if you are not CPR certified, you could watch your child die during that time. If you are, it could prove to be a lifesaver. It would be silly not to take advantage of such knowledge when you have it available to you.

You can't control everything in life, and from time to time, an accident may occur. However, a swimming pool is generally a pretty easy-to-control environment, and provided that you take proper safety precautions and practice emergency preparedness, you can ensure that your future pool excursions are nothing but fun.


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