Temporary Jobs...Things To Consider When Looking At Part Time Jobs

Unemployed and Eager? Risks of Top Temporary Jobs to Consider

With the economy still recovering, many people are having a difficult time finding permanent full-time work. The lack of full-time jobs makes it hard for people to support themselves and their families, as well as have the financial resources they need to get ahead in life. When people cannot find full-time work, they may look to temporary work as a way to earn money and provide for their families until a permanent position comes along. As they consider the availability of temporary jobs out there, people are encouraged to understand both the benefits and risks of these jobs.

Temporary Offshore Work

Offshore jobs continue to be in high demand. Companies that operate offshore facilities often cannot keep enough workers on staff to meet their occupational demands. People who want work that will give them a challenge and provide them with high wages may consider working offshore at one of these facilities. But, as most offshore injury lawyers can attest to, these jobs have risks that could jeopardize the worker's health and safety.

Offshore workers have been known to suffer from working in cold and windy conditions. Some workers also get hurt or even die in these occupations. However, with proper precautions, a temporary offshore worker could earn enough money to provide for his or her family for months at a time.

Temporary Educational Jobs

Many school districts offer temporary positions during the school year. People who accept work from these school districts could work in school cafeterias, in computer labs helping students, or even as janitors keeping the schools clean. As long as school is in session, these individuals can expect to work. However, when schools are recessed for breaks or for the summer, these temporary workers may have no other way to earn money.

Further, these jobs come with the risk of being hurt by lifting heavy objects, falling down stairs, or even being hit or bitten by upset children. Before a person accepts a temporary job at a school, he or she may be well advised to understand the risks of working in a school district on a temporary basis.

Temporary Retail Jobs

Many big box retailers hire more workers during busy shopping times of the year. The back-to-school season, as well as the busy Christmas shopping season, proves to be the best times for people who need work that will offer them plenty of hours at a decent rate of pay.

However, these temporary retail jobs come with the risk of being laid off after the shopping rush ends. Just as workers become accustomed to having their paycheck coming in regularly, they may be laid off and find themselves out of work. These jobs also demand that people work weekends, stand on their feet for long shifts, and accept that they will be offered few or no benefits at all.

As the economy struggles to recover, people continue to seek ways to find full-time employment. When they cannot find permanent positions, they may consider taking temporary jobs. These jobs, while providing decent to sometimes excellent wages, also come with noted risks. Knowing these risks can help people decide if or when to accept these positions.

Bethany Gillis offers this helpful information to those who are considering temporary work due to lack of permanent, full-time positions. As offshore injury lawyers can attest to, and as she knows from personal experience, offshore work can be very lucrative but not without its hazards. She encourages anyone considering this type of work to proceed with caution.


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